Who's not been in a gulch?

I haven’t. And I bet @anon50098204 hasn’t been. Although he might have.

What other types of geographical feature have you not been in, on, under?

First person to name something they have been in, on or under is a twat.

I bet @chadders has never been in a pothole.


I have been on a plane

A glacier

What actually is a gulch?

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Cant remember a time when I was on a promontory

It’s like a narrow steep ravine

Thank you. What’s a ravine? Like a stream or something?

Forrest Gulch

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Can’t help you there

Maybe we will never know

  • glass e arr
  • glace e arr

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never have and never will

probably have / will actually

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Ends with ‘-err’, Shirley?

Glah- see-uh

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thursday’s filth today, i like it

I’ve marshed it up occasionally

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that’s the first option

You forget southern people say glass different

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