Who's on the rota to make the thursday thread?

It’s raining, I’m still testing positive. This is the news.

Actually, that’s not all the news. Jimbo has now tested negative two days in a row so is off to school for the first time since before half term, and my other half is negative now too. My red line is much thinner as well, so I’m going to do another test later on in the hope that I’m free for the weekend.

Today has not started well.


The builders didn’t waterproof the roof works, it’s pouring with rain, and the big kitchen cupboard with all the spices and jars came off the wall and has obliterated a load of stuff. Thankfully, not including my head, as I had just finished making my coffee in front of it. The wall behind it is saturated.

I agree.


I’m ignoring the news, but after yesterday’s shenanigans with Sainsburys this wasn’t what I wanted this morning either

Am I getting any shopping today?

  • Of course you are
  • Haha! Who are you kidding?

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wfh today coz my new washing machine is being delivered. slot was 8-12 so i’ve been up since 7:30 ffs. having coffee and cereal and watching frasier. i don’t foresee a great deal of work getting done today but tbh i have fallen behind on my frasier boxset so it’s all for the good imo.

need to go out for a run as well but :cloud_with_rain:


Just got an email saying my energy bills are doubling so that’s a great start to the day. Between that, the news and the rain I think I’ll pass on Thursday.

Ah I’d hadnt even seen the news. Ffs.

Everything feels especially bleak today.


Ah good, builders are here! Sorry lads, bit of a delay in teas and coffees because your corner cutting has obliterated my kitchen.


Morning. No plans except my friend coming round later for tea n chats.

Feb half term is the best for weather being a fine reason for doing nothing.

Tired out today. A few things that were making me stressed are starting to ease off and it’s very nice but now just constantly exhausted from it all. Got a brewery tour later too so no early finish today :frowning:

“I can’t see where the water’s coming from, there’s felt above it, look!”

Ah yes Steve, that’s true, but the thing is water is capable of moving in three dimensions and can flow from one surface to another, which we can see happening here, here, here, here, big flow here, and here, also here…"

Just want this week to fuck off at this point, please

I bought some soup in for lunch in the hopes that it will cheer me up

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He had the cheek to say “I could have done without having to deal with this today!”

I’m sorry this has inconvenienced you pal, help yourself to any of the shattered spice jars that are strewn across half the kitchen if that’ll perk you up.


getting a new boiler fitted after a cold couple of nights

wasn’t sure what time they were coming round so i set my alarm for just after 8 so i could get up and have a shower and stuff before 9 in case they arrived first thing

was woken up by them knocking on the door at 8 :weary:


Soup has never cheered anyone up.



Slept right through my alarm, sometimes my earplugs are too good at blocking out sound :grimacing:

Going to go make myself a :coffee:

Lies, soup is the food of the comfort gods