Who's Right, Who's Wrong, DiS Decides

Post your disputes here with scant details, preferably too little information for us to make an informed or fair decision, and we’ll arbitrarily decide if you’re in the wrong or if it’s the other fucker.

All decisions are legally binding and will be enforced by forum approved heavies.

Let’s keep the disputes petty.


I think it’s pointless, she disagrees


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you :heart:


Ongoing dispute with my younger sister about who is better out of Lin Manuel Miranda and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Let’s put it to bed eh.

  • Lin Manuel Miranda
  • Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

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Who’s right?

  • Mourinho
  • City

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A friends bf asked her to pay market rent (more than half the mortgage) to live in his flat, on the principle that he’s losing money compared to have a flatmate. Some friends are saying this is OK, others think it’s outrageous.

  • Prat
  • Tory option

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Imagine staying with a person who said that to you


Weird man v Fatphobic girl

Even just based on the Moana criteria, Maui is an amazing character that sings a Lin Manuel Miranda song perfectly.

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Lewisham council have given all households some bins for food waste. Our inside one lives under the sink because plasticmike doesn’t want it on the side because it “looks awful” blah blah blah and he doesn’t even like me putting it on the worktop when I’m cooking. This is annoying for me because it gets used every day and I feel like I’m constantly taking it in and out from under the sink so I would prefer it live on the worktop. Who’s right?

  • plasticniki
  • plasticmike

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do tea bags and coffee grounds go in this bin?

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They should be paying a contribution at least though, yes?

Just read the ‘more than half the mortgage bit’ utter prat.


I deem @plasticmike to be Guilty!

(of being wrong by wanting a bin that is in near constant use to be hidden away somewhere)

There’s no way you can leave that out, surely it honks? Next to your soggy tea towels as well your kitchen must be grufty as fuck.




it’s got a lockable lid thing on it, gets emptied into the outside grey bin every couple of days

also: how fucking dare you


My daughter would be devastated by this dilemma. She adores both individuals.

I’m a link her up.

The gf and I had this argument running for a while. I finally won her over and we had it on the windowsill for a bit. Then the bloody cat knocked the bin over, ate a bunch of manky ham and threw up all over the gf’s brand new shoes.

It’s back in the cupboard now.


Shit. I picked Tory option meaning they sound like a Tory to be doing that!