Who's secretly in love with someone here?

Let it be known inside this thread, be as vague or specific as you like. I’m an ex diser who hasn’t used this site for ten years, but I see many familiar names, so the only conclusion I can possibly draw is some of you are secretly in love with some other users and are waiting for them to realise. Now is the place. Now is the time.

What’s been happening? Any of you get married? Been to any post-lockdown gigs? Do y’all still go to a lot of gigs and have serious music opinions on new releases, or are you all chill now and just listen to the same ten albums from 2008? I want updates.

What are your favourite new artists from the last few years? Have you found your music taste has changed or has it stayed mostly the same? What do you think about the way music has moved to streaming services where artists get -1p per million plays or something? (and what do you do to negate that, if anything)

Also wanna know if any of you still play music, since I remember most of you are amateur musicians. All my questions in one thread, answer as many or as few as you like.


I’m in love with pretty much every person in here.


I think I’m in love with a girl who lives, two posts down.


Let’s just say my DM’s are ‘‘open’’ and ‘‘regularly empty’’.


That’s a lot of questions!

But no. Lots of semi-public admiration but no unrequited longing.

You’ll see from the thread of mine that you posted in, that there are lots of people on here whose partners are DiSers - either they met through DiS or they dragged their partner onto the social boards via AQOS or other means.

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Also here to declare my love for everyone. Bunch of babes


It has changed so much, no more black metal and lots more kpop. Artists I really love right now: bts, 6lack, iu


the only DMs i get are flagged post notifications.



Hang the dong!

Lots of crushes obv but the idea of being in a relationship with someone off here just stresses me out tbh, like for me this place is a refuge from real life


They know who they are.

Also yes: buy my record if you love ‘records’ and ‘buying’

I’m secretly in love with @profk


Jack Nicholson Reaction GIF by The Academy Awards


Wish this was a who do you secretly hate thread.


Wish this was a who do you secretly hate thread. Guess I’ll just continue with the mute option for now.


Username post interface, in my day there was no mute option and you just had to tolerate snarky replies from yr haturz.
However feel free to make this a subthread on people you hate because I want allll kinds of updates from you Disers,

Genuinely want to know the answers to my other questions, but only one Diser has answered my music questions. :roll_eyes: :sleepy:

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The amount of likes on this one suggests there is a more under the surface which people are too shy to post…I knew it.

Ah I think I just felt a bit overwhelmed by them!

But in brief:

  • I was married back in 2008 and I still am
  • not been to any gigs since lockdown but I probably only averaged one or two gigs a year pre-lockdown
  • I’m not as up to date as others on here but I do listen to new music. There’s quite a good weekly New Releases thread on the Music forum. There are also a lot of DiSers who record and release music (there’s a record label ran by a few of them)
  • my recent choices are fairly obvious ones: Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker etc. Also been listening to a lot of ambient / classical-esque music such as Nils Frahm and A Winged Victory For The Sullen. I’d say that my taste has probably evolved rather than changed? And in general, people don’t like The National as much as they did.
  • there’s a bunch of threads about streaming on the music board. One of the many advantages of new DIS is that the search function now works!
  • I still play guitar but just on an amateur basis.

Anyway, if you’re back for good, welcome back! There are a few old faces/names but loads of new ones too. They’re genuinely a really great bunch of people.

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