Who's the biggest band you've seen in a small-ish venue?


It was at the corner where Hurst St met Smallbrook Queensway, predominately a night club.


I love this stuff, all I have to offer is:

  • The Strokes (with Moldy Peaches!) at the Fleece & Firkin in Bristol
  • The XX at the Harley in Sheffield to about 20 people - saw them six months later at Primavera in front of about a thousand times that
  • Sufjan Stevens at Night & Day, Manchester
  • Future Islands at the Bay Horse, Manchester


I spend a fair bit of time in Bridport and am always disappointed when I don’t bump into PJ. Bragg on the other hand !


Biffy Clyro in the small room of the institute in Birmingham as part of some club night around 2004/5

Idlewild at the Flapper in 1997. Seen so many great bands here its such a shame the place is going to make way for flats this summer.


Was at both of these as well.

Also saw The Cribs at Tuts last month.

Here, how good were Stellastarr* by the way!


pixies supporting throwing muses at burberries in Birmingham, first UK date on that leg of the tour (think they’d played the town & country earlier on, so this would be their 2nd ever uk date)
by the end of the tour pixies were headlining
the stage was a dancefloor in the middle of the room & went round behind the drummer & ran through the band to get to the front at one point (embarrassingly)
throwing muses had some great supports - saw galaxie 500 support them on a later tour

stone roses - Bristol bierkellar, still the biggest queue at that venue I’ve ever seen. was part of the entire front row that got on stage for the last song

the national - ULU, needed a gig to fill the gap between new order in London & new order in Manchester. great decision.

didn’t go to these
antlers at the Louis (thought I’d see them next time. which I did, still though)
radiohead at the fleece £10 taxi fare home? stuff that! (poor student)
white stripes at the Louis (didn’t have anyone to go with & this was before went to gigs on my own)
stone roses in Dudley - waited all of 30 mins & the bus didn’t show up so we just decided to see them next time too.


saw Robert Plant playing a set in there once in the late 80’s


Not very good?? I only went to see The Killers!
My Coco was the song all over MTV2, if I remember right.

I was at The Cribs at Tuts too!


I don’t think I’ve managed anything truly awesome. I had tickets for Muse at King Tut’s, but we weren’t allowed in because we were underage. Same thing happened with At The Drive-In. I did see The Radioheads on that tour of “small” venues before Hail To The Thief came out, but Edinburgh Corn Exchange is hardly small. I probably saw Idlewild or Biffy Clyro in some crap student union back in the day - Can’t remember for sure, but they played everywhere in Scotland in the early 00s.


It was a great venue, not too big. I saw Anthrax there for the Among The Living Tour. They loved the venue so much the staff couldn’t get them to stop playing.


Artic Monkeys, Kate Nash, Cribs, Mumford and Sons all at Escobar in Wakefield


Justice supporting Kaiser Chiefs I think at the Birmingham Hummingbird. The smoking ban had just come into effect and the smaller guy from Justice smoked a cigar through the whole set.



The taxi bit in this reminds me of seeing Oasis at Wolves Civic Hall when they released “Whatever”. They were in real ascendancy at this time and 5 of us crammed into a private hire taxi home and split the £20 fare to Brum. I knew they’d really crossed over when the taxi driver started singing their songs!
Saw The Pixies at Glastonbury early one afternoon in the late 80’s and remember the Burberries posters but didn’t bother going which was a mistake. Great venue.


Foals in a venue holding maybe about 50 at sxsw 2007
St Vincent twice in nice n sleazys
Biffy in Tuts
Cribs in Tuts a few times

I’m sure there’s a couple more im forgetting


oh that just reminded me I saw James Blake back when he was good in Sleazies it was amazing


i fucking hated Coco back in the day. one of the only songs that used to make me turn over from MTV2, alongside the Sleep Jackson iirc


I saw Jane’s Addiction at Burberries. The mirrored ceiling only added to the experience.

I saw White Stripes at the Loui. Predictably amazing.


I was there too. It was fucking mental!


You lucky bastard.