Who's the biggest band you've seen in a small-ish venue?


Blur at Warrington Legends nightclub just after There’s No Other Way came out, maybe 150 people there
Suede 1992 at Manchester Hop And Grape the week Metal Mickey came out
MIA in a Chinese karaoke bar in Manchester (Charlie’s) after the 2nd single
Radiohead on The Bends tour at Academy 1
The Stone Roses at the Warrington ‘secret comeback gig’ or whatever you call it
Kaiser Chiefs at Chorlton Irish Centre maybe even before they were signed not sure
The Breeders in Warrington Legends around first album time
McAlmont in Jug Of Ale pub Birmingham to maybe 6 or 7 of us in a white wedding dress. He was Top 5 with ‘Yes’ the year after
Verve at Academy 1 just before Bittersweet Symphony came out
Bjork at Academy 1, just around release of Debut
Placebo at about 2 in the afternoon with as-good-as-no-one there at Phoenix 96
LCD Soundsystem DJing to about 300 people (at my own clubnight heh)
Badly Drawn Boy’s first ever show in some bar on a NYE which almost got stopped because so many people booed him
Velvet Underground (Lou, John, Mo, Sterling…) at about 4 in the afternoon at Glastonbury '93 which seems a bigger deal now than it was at the time…
Lana Del Rey, first ever show, Ruby Lounge, Manchester
The Cure at Liverpool Royal Court, 1992 ‘club’ gigs tour

Must be loads more


it certainly was - they steamed up the mirrors within the first few songs
nobody else I saw there did that

despite the brilliance of the gig I didn’t go to the return one at the irish centre for the surfer rosa tour as it was only a few months later & I’d only just seen them & as was living off the grant I was spreading gigs around.
always regretted not doing that one


These are all amazing!



Was that not Mono who played the hub?


Mono might have played there, but if they did it was after my time. I found the EITS gig on setlist.fm - was Feb 4th 2004. No set list up, but it was around the release of The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place, and I remember it being pretty heavy on that record. It was really good.


Well I missed that then.

I did see Sigur Ros support Godspeed in the Music centre though.
It put me off post rock for years.


Still probably arctic monkeys at a tiny venue in Sheffield. Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, M83 and others at the social in Nottingham.

MBV and Ride reunion gigs maybe?


I saw Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Zodiac in Oxford. Also saw The Killers there. Bloc Party at I think it’s Roadmenders in Northampton.

Also saw Arcade Fire at Birmingham Academy 2. That was probably the best one.


Yea in was at all of those also (minus hauschka)

Think my favourite tin angel gig (I think it was there -tiny cafe with record shop by the church - was Peter Broderick. Sublime


Was also at that (was a year before I started working for them) - he crawled through the crowd during Games Again and ended up by my feet for about twenty seconds.


I saw The Stupids there (Burberries) supported by Bad Beach and The Varmits. Crazy scenes with stage diving from that centre night club small stage. Afterwards there was a Hitman & Her style nightclub where they played Wham. The night club only people caught the end of The Stupids gig and it must have made an impression on some of them. Not a big band but great gig all the same (Jesus Meets The Stupids era). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwrPHsrGxz0


Talking about Yeah Yeah Yeahs, did they play The Garage in London once with The Liars and Har Mar Superstar or am I mixing up two different gigs into one in my mind?


Smashing Pumpkins at the old Astoria on Charing Cross Road in 1994 - one of my first gigs and an absolute belter!


Oh yeah forgot that, he played two gigs, a month between them, I went to both, it was pretty amazing.


yeah exactly I was at I’m pretty sure the second one but to be honest to have been at just one was incredible


I remember they were the same day, same date, in Feb and March & one of my friends thought they’d totally missed it when I said to them I’d been at the gig the night before


yeah! I remember being very confused by that too ha


I saw Placebo at Phoenix then too! First band I ever saw at a festival. I think everyone else was stuck in a traffic jam.


-Beastie Boys at Randy’s Rodeo in Texas. (Same venue as infamous Sex Pistols’ show.)
-Faith No More at a tiny club that held maybe 150 people. Now defunct, can’t remember the name of it.
-A Tribe Called Quest in the small auditorium of an all-girl’s college.
-Prince at 1,500-capacity Irving Plaza in NYC.
-Elton John at the Hollywood Palladium.
-Beck ‘secret’ show at the 250-capacity Echo in LA. I also saw a Breeders ‘secret’ show there.
-Big Business in my friend’s living room.