Who's the biggest band you've seen in a small-ish venue?


Some mentioned already:

Supergrass at Dublin Castle
A few at Leeds Cockpit - GYBE! w/ Sigur Ros; At The Drive In; The Libertines
Arcade Fire at the Leadmill a while back and Scunthorpe last year
The Killers at Sheffield Fuzz Club
Arctic Monkeys at Cambridge Soul Tree
Bloc Party at Bedford Esquires


Yeah the infamous traffic jam… One of the all-time hottest weekends
i can ever remember too.


Pretty sure I went to a YYYs, Liars and McLusky gig at The Garage. YYYs were on early; place was packed, then everyone left when they finished because London.


Might be it. Wonder if Har Mar Superstar supported either YYYs or Liars another time. I remember going in and seeing a bloke dancing in his underpants and later found out that’s who it was.


Melvins in the Bristol Exchange was a good recent one, depends on your definition of big band I suppose but the capacity is 250.

Mclusky to a scant smattering of people around the time of their first record was quite common in various Cardiff shitholes, once was playing after a ska band - half the crowd left after they finished which must have been a kick in the guts. It was amazing to see them reformed (kinda) playing the Welsh Club packed to the rafters with everyone singing the words a few years ago. I did try to tell people at the time how good they were, but it was all about the Strokes and the dying embers of nu metal.

I could have seen Coldplay in the Cardiff SU, but left after the support band JJ72 as they were the only band I was interested in. I think seeing Queens of the Stone age in the same venue was a good catch as well, pretty sure it was Songs for the Deaf tour though - with Lanegan, no Dave.


Wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. Caught a fair few Liars/YYYs shows around that time, but was mostly lacking in sobriety so it’s a bit of a blur- imagine I’d remember seeing Har Mar dancing in his pants though :grinning:


I forget some gigs more easily because I didn’t necessarily plan on going. A friend of mine worked at the Garage at that time, and so most of the staff knew me. It wasn’t unusual for me to be walking past and someone on security would call out to me, “Aren’t you coming in?” I’d ask who was on and sometimes said, “OK!” and got in to something I didn’t even realise was happening.


I saw QOTSA at the Pyramids in Portsmouth that same tour. It was downgraded from the Guildhall. Had ticket no 1! Goatsnake opened and were one of the loudest bands I’ve ever seen - pretty sure that show was when my tinnitus started.


I was at that Melvins gig :slight_smile:

Also saw Mclusky at The Cavern in Exeter. Which I always forget is really tiny despite its reputation.


Yes I saw YYYs with Har Mar around the time of the 2nd album. Pretty sure The Locust were on that night too (who were constantly booed but gave as good as they got) but might be merging gigs too.


Maybe I missed the Locusts because I didn’t realise the gig was on and the security kind of grabbed me as I happened to pass by and took me in. (The opposite of what’s happened to me at certain other venues.)


Just had mogwai on r6 talking about playing hydro and how big it’s was (I’ve just checked - 13k). Didn’t mention seeing them playing the London garage around the time of ten rapid (supported by Arab strap, a genuinely great night) on my original noteworthy gigs (upthread) as I assumed there would be loads of accounts of them playing toilet shows in Glasgow and people’s front rooms, but don’t think I’ve seen them mentioned too much in this thread. I also didn’t realise they were playing venues that big nowadays.


remembered one today:

deftones at scala :exploding_head:


yep saw YYY’s @ Zodiac. still have the T-shirt. good gig if i recall.


Faith No More @ Northampton Roadmenders. Run up to King For A Day release. Phenomenally violent. good stuff.


Turns out this was the Husker Du set I saw as a 15 year old. I’d only heard “Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely” and Land Speed Record (which they ignored) at the time. What a set! If only I’d known / heard more at the time.


I saw Gutless a couple of times, they were from the Yeovil area. They were really good, a cut above what else was around at the time. Two of the three of them worked in Our Price.


Reef at a pub in Yeovil, to about 20 people. They’d had the Sony Minidisc advert by that time but Britpop hadn’t happened yet. Saw Heavenly at the same pub, to a few more people.

Was at university in Exmouth around the time Muse were starting as they were from just down the road. I think they played my SU bar but I didn’t see them.

Saw Idlewild support Superchunk at the Garage before they’d released an album, in about 1997.


Their biggest gig ever by a distance I think, didn’t realise the Hydro was that big. Biggest venue they play apart from that is the Brixton Academy, and they don’t always play there when they’re in London.


What band were you in, I might have seen you!