Who's the biggest band you've seen in a small-ish venue?


I saw Placebo support Ash at The Dublin Castle in summer 1995. Placebo weren’t big then. Shame that they did become so.


haha i work next door to miss peadpod’s. although it’s called muddy beach now


I didn’t realize you were back in Kernow!


Yup, been back for a while now.


Wow, this thread is huge! Will have to read through :+1:

Biggest band I’ve seen in the smallest venue probably remains Coldplay at The Tunbridge Wells Forum. It was an NME bands package tour and they were on inbetween Crashland and Terris. Mostly only went as a friend of mine had been at UCL with them and had recommended them to me. You could really tell that they had some tunes tbf. Had a chat to them after the show – it was the week that Shiver had gone into the UK chart at number 36 or something and they were absolutely buzzing (a couple of months later Yellow would go massive and the rest is history). Another friend of mine’s band was in the running to support them on their first UK headline tour proper, but they got too big too quickly and a ‘proper’ support band got the gig.

Caught loads of bands on the way up in the early 90s at The Venue in New Cross (Senser, Carter USM, Sheep On Drugs), but the ones who went on to be huge are probably The Verve, Suede and PJ Harvey (saw the latter two on consecutive days).

Oasis at The Hull Adelphi. For anyone who hasn’t visited, it’s a converted end of terrace house which should give you an idea of how big it is. Was visiting a mate at uni and he had scored tickets. From memory it was the first date of their first ever UK tour shortly after Supersonic had come out. There was a huge buzz about them, and hundreds of people turned up without tickets. The venue owner opened up all the doors and windows so that people could watch/listen from outside. I thought they were absolutely shite – literally a joke band. Saw Supergrass supported by The Bluetones in the same venue a couple of months later.

Arthur Lee & Love at The Gaelic Club in Sydney shortly before he died. Great show.

Interpol at The Freebutt in Brighton just before Turn On The Bright Lights came out. Thought they were decent but no more.

Mogwai in the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen (also saw Slowdive here on their very first comeback appearance).

Dandy Warhols at Dingwalls at their album launch for 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia. Bohemian Like You sounded like a massive Brown Sugar rip-off from the very first listen, but it was obviously catchy as fuck.

Caught Nine Inch Nails do a fan club only show at The Astoria (RIP) after they’d had to cancel an O2 show previously.

The Selecter played a new year’s eve show at my local pub (The New Cross Inn) a couple of years back for some reason. They were brilliant.

Maybe some more…


Regretted not making it to the El-P / Despot show almost instantly.

What about “Churches” in Electric Circus though?!


Pretty sure I saw British Sea Power at the Orange Box. Good fun.


Ah nice! It’s changing so fast. Muddy Beach?! Bring back Peapods I say.


smashing pumpkins at birmingham edwards number 8, supported by catherine wheel.
radiohead supporting kingmaker at wolves wulfrun hall.
radiohead at lichfield arts centre.
spiritualised at picassos in wolves with the verve supporting.
at the drive in at some pub in north london
erics trip and seaweed at birmingham edwards number 8


Were China Drum also on the bill? I saw them on the same tour in Leicester


No. Me and my mate went there to see a band called Huge Baby who were on the advertised bill (no real internet in 1995). The bloke on the door told us that Ash were playing. Placebo were an unknown band then. They were the only two bands on from what I remember.


Mogwai in Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire, 2005. A tiny and exclusive gig for Scottish mental health charities, if I remember rightly. It was my first Mogwai show, and they were previewing “Mr Beast” material amidst the more esoteric corners of their back catalogue. They didn’t tone down the volume for the venue, either. It was fucking incredible, frankly.


Impressive…I was also at the Arcade Fire gig at Kings College Student Union - great gig…their first in Europe I think?!..


I’m not a huge fan of Arcade Fire’s recent stuff but that remains my best ever gig. Some clown called Kid Carpet that played children’s toys to a backing tape was supporting.


That;s a superb collection…Catherine Wheel were my favourite band as a teenager (Ferment/Chrome) and still Top 10 and Siamese Dream is one of my favourite LPs with love for the albums to each side of it…must have been great…thankfully I saw both bands CW a few times in 94 and Pumpkins at Reading 95…still regret missing their Astoria gig though that my brother and friends went to…no idea why I didn’t make it to that

Also like Kingmaker whilst Radiohead are my joint favourite band…so again, I’d crank up the delorean for that…91 I am guessing?!

Finally I like Seaweed too…Four is a fine LP


With you there on both fronts…I think after Neon Bible it sadly fell away for me…although I think the stuff after that is decent and has its moments…its definitely lacking in the inspiration of Funeral etc…Yes you’re right about Kid Carpet…I seem to remember seeing him there and another time around that time and not getting it on either occasion…


Was this around 95?..I saw Four Tet, Explosions in the Sky, Manitoba (now Caribou) and Animal Collective on a rather special bill at the Coronet…EITS were amazing, Manitoba very good…Four Tet disappointing as I recall…


My first ever gig was at Astoria 2 in June 1994. Possum Dixon, Rub Ultra, Skunk Anansie with Compulsion headlining. Didn’t think SA would become the big hitters from that bill. I do remember her stage diving feet first constantly. As an aging and currently drunk man, I do miss the danger that gigs were.

At The Drive-In supporting The Trail Of Dead at The Astoria in 2000? was tense. Just people that wanted to kick off. Fun looking back at it. But I remember being bruised, sweaty and knackered due to the violent mosh pit.


Listened to Huge Baby for the first time the other week, great band!


My best mate will be pleased. He’s a huge fan. I went with him to The Dublin Castle as well as a Huge Baby gig at The Garage in August 1994 where they were supporting Drive Like Jehu. We onky went as a celebration night thing as our A’Level results came out that day. We’d never heard of Drive Like Jehu (again, no internet in those days). I met the drummer from Huge Baby where he was on the merch stall for Shonen Knife maybe five years ago. Top bloke. Had a chat about his stuff and indie music since the mid 90s. A quick and fun expansive chat. Great guy.