Who's the biggest band you've seen in a small-ish venue?


I saw The White Stripes and also Coldplay at The Point in Oxford, which is basically a room above a pub, capacity about 150. One of those was one of the great gigs of my life, one wasn’t.

The Charlatans at the Duchess of York in Leeds (another room in a pub)

I also remember seeing Suede at a little venue in Victoria called the SW1 club just around the time their second single came out.

I saw lots of great bands at the old Zodiac in Oxford which had a capacity of about 700 I would guess (might have been a bit bigger) - The Strokes, Primal Scream, The Walkmen, Mogwai, Smog (supported by Joanna Newsome, who staffed the merch stall when she wasn’t playing) and Tricky spring to mind but there were loads of others.


I saw Godspeed You! Black Emperor in The Kings Arms, Auckland, New Zealand, in 2013.

Literally the back room of a pub, I think it holds about 200 people. Reminds me of the Camden Barfly. I’m not even sure the gig was sold out. Might’ve been about 150 people there.

When I first heard them at the age of 18, Godpseed were one of those bands who changed my life and the way I listened to, wrote, played and thought about music. That band opened up avenues i never knew existed. Nothing was the same after that band. I decided I would name my first son Efrim because it was the coolest sounding name (ended up naming him Ephraim. He was born 3 months after this gig). The band hand gone on hiatus long before I moved to NZ and reformed just after I got here, and I was gutted. Resigned myself to never seeing them live. Couldn’t believe it when they announced New Zealand dates.

I almost burst into tears at few points during that gig. It was fucking immense. Blissful. Got to shake the hands with most of them whilst having a smoke in the beer garden outside afterwards, and thank them for coming to New Zealand. Didn’t mention the whole naming of my firstborn thing though. That would’ve just been fucking weird.


I saw the Killers twice before their first album. The first time supporting Stellastar, and the second time supporting the Raveonettes, Coral or someone like that. It was weird to see them take off so much as they always have that support band vibe to me.


I was at that Feeder gig.

Saw The Killers at the Wedgwood Rooms. Probably my answer to the OP.

I miss heading down the motorway for gigs in Pompey.


Arcade Fire- Maida Vale Studios
Prince- Electric Ballroom
The National- FOPP Tottenham Court Road
Franz Ferdinand- Dalston Victoria
Daughter- Brixton Windmill, supporting Austra and Viv Albertine


Nope, you’re right, I’m wrong




Broken Social Scene in The temple bar music center.
They had been booked to play crawdaddy, a venue that the full band would have filled, but they suddenly got bigger and they changed location.
Great gig


The Libertines, first band on at the Hope & Anchor, on Upper Street, Islington. Maybe 25 people in the audience, at most, when they played.

The Hives at the Notting Hill Arts Club, after they were well known. It was a kind of invited people only event. It was manic.

The Black Keys at the now gone Metro on Oxford Street.

The White Stripes at the 100 Club, at Dingwalls, at The Boston Arms.

Bloc Party at The Buffalo Bar, by Highbury & Islington tube station.

The Horrors at the Lexington and also at the Boston Arms and probably a few other places around that same time.


Adele supporting Tilly And The Wall at The Luminaire.
The National at The Barfly.
The Killers supporting Ikara Colt at The ICA.
Arcade Fire at Kings College.

Probably others but they’re the ones that come to mind.


I’m more jealous you saw Ikara Colt to be honest.


Kings of Leon at Islington Academy just before the second album came out
Killers at Scala
Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins (not together) at Bristol Bierkeller in my first term at uni, mmmm…


Bloc Party at The Buffalo Bar, by Highbury & Islington tube station.

Was that the show with Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies?

Saw them the night before at the ICA (opening for Death Cab for Cutie bizarrely?!?) and someone from YMSS flyered me for this show. Had no idea who Bloc Party were then, found it ages later and was a little disappointed I didn’t go.

I did see Bloc Party twice at Bedford Esquires, though. FIrst time was supporting Graham Coxon on his first Happiness in Magazines / post-Blur tour, and second was a headline show a few months later. Brilliant both times.


not a band but 4 years ago I saw Future at the Nest in Dalston which I guess is a couple hundred capacity. wasn’t sold out, struggled to give away my spare ticket - he’s quite big now…


Saw Killer Mike at Xoyo when Rap Music came out. He ended the show by walking around hugging members of the crowd.

Also saw El-P at Stereo in Glasgow, which was about the same size, I think also in 2012. Did about 80% of Cancer 4 Cure and then a load of old stuff. No hugs there though.


The Killers were shit then and remain so. We checked out a song and went to the bar area.

I remember me and my mates thinking how dull Adele was and how she wouldn’t break through. Shows how much we know.


saw killer mike at birthdays around that time, sure it wasn’t there?


I used to go to The Falcon, in Camden, at lot and everyone played there. I saw Blur several times, Manic Street Preachers, Ride, and Oasis were at a Whiteout gig there and got on stage and played Shakermaker.

Also a lot of bands played at The White Horse in Hampstead and I saw PJ Harvey and Suede there.

I saw Nirvana at SOAS and Fugazi at The Dome and Oasis at Water Rats and Blur at the Powerhaus (Islington) and the Manics at The Garage and Teenage Fanclub at Rough Trade Covent Garden.

I used to go to a lot of gigs.


Nah, I think I missed that one. Think that was when I wasn’t living in London. Xoyo coincided with me being in the south for some reason.

Just checked and it was May 2013 so I was off a bit.


I know the pub well. I used to work at The Royal Free Hospital. Didn’t know that they did gigs there.