Who's the biggest band you've seen in a small-ish venue?


In the basement there was a club called Sausage Machine run by Paul Cox and Richard Roberts from Too Pure Records.


Still going - they get some big bookings still. I think The Charlatans played it recently.


Frightened Rabbit (post Midnight Organ Fight, before WOMD) at the Lexington.
Arcade Fire in the small upstairs room at the old Birmingham Institute (held maybe 200/300 people) and at St John’s Smith Square.
The Charlatans at the Garage.
If the Electric Ballroom counts, Beck.


I’m deeply jealous of a lot of these.


Mumford and Sons supporting the Maccabees at Studio 24 in Edinburgh, in May 2009 (before the first album was out). Banjo player made a very weird, creepy joke about teenage girls and got roundly booed for it.

After that it’s probably just Frightened Rabbit at the Queens Hall in August 09. MOF was already out so they were well known, just hadn’t quite broken through yet. Amazing gig, supported by Meursault who I absolutely loved but didn’t even recognise until he started singing.


My friends band we’re asked to DJ at that Bloc Party gig (unless they played the Buffalo Bar more than once), but pulled out and played a gig in Brighton the same day. If you are who i think you are, they played a gig for you once. Nosferatu D2, or it might have been SRS that played for you?


Loads at the Barfly in Camden: Muse, Coldplay, Explosions in the Sky, XX.

I saw Death Cab for Cutie at the Dublin Castle around 2001 too, sort of by accident (I went to see Kaito in support, remember them? No.)


No way. Really? I also remember the support band were some kind of local hardcore band - Gutless I think they were called.
How cool would it have been if you’d have gone too (not only for the excellent gig but so this conversation would be slightly different and kind of amazingly weird. Imagine!)


Probably Deafheaven at Soup Kitchen


Two Door Cinema Club upstairs in a pub in Strabane


I got sent to St. Louis for work and was dragged out to some random bar. Next thing I knew I was front row for a surprise Nelly show. Strange night!


I loved Kaito.


I used to work with a lovely bloke who saw Jimi Hendrix somewhere in London. he also said that as a young teenager in the early 60’s he went on holiday to somewhere Wales with his mate. there was a band playing in the local theatre so they went along… the band was The Beatles

also my dad told me that there’s a bloke who works in his office who was at the front of gig in London in the 60’s and the singer told him he had cool shoes… the singer was called Mick Jagger

best I’ve got is that I sat next to Lianne La Havas at a wedding, she sang a Stevie Wonder song when they were signging the register and it was absolutely fucking amazing


Not me but my Mum was living in an army barracks in Birmingham City Centre when she was a teenager (my grandparents were caretakers in their twilight working years). The Beatles were playing The Hippodrome in Birmingham and they snaked in via the fire exit dressed as policemen to escape being mobbed. My Mum saw them from her bedroom window and went hysterical screaming, my grandad slapped her across the face to bring her to her senses!


Gutless indeed

they were labelmates of the band I was in for a time, we played with them now & again and they were always great live… and there’s a whole west country family tree there that spins around Polly

Tim Farthing who was in Gutless (guitar & vocals) later became a regular in Polly’s live band. He also formed Reigns with his brother Rupert. In between Gutless and Reigns he & Rupert had a band with Joe Thompson on bass & a guy called Parrot (Nick Osborne) on drums who had previously been drummer with a band called The Becketts - whose guitarist Mike Paine played Guitar on ‘Water’ (from the ‘Dress’ EP’ ) and ‘Plants & Rags’ from ‘Dry’. The Becketts also counted among their number one Simon Ashdown on bass - son of Paddy Ashdown, yes that Paddy Ashdown.

Well, anyway, Joe Thompson formed Jonson Family Records (and posted on here for a while)
Tim, Rupert and Joe are all founder and current members of Hey Colossus

there are other branches of this family tree too - mainly eminating from John Parish who was pretty much central to that entire west country scene thanks in part to being the music teacher at Yeovil College at that time



Yeah, I had a few friends who were taught by John Parish, one of whom is still in the music industry as a sound technician in NY, they used to really love and respect him. It’s so cool to have that framework and relationships. Especially in the sticks.


Ikara Colt were good. Saw them a fair number of times. Most memorably at the Garage with The Parkinsons and Eighties Match Box B-Line Disaster.


This was at a period around the same time they adopted the name Bloc Party. I think they played like a whole week of gigs on consecutive days or something. I’d met Russell a few times before that when he was making pocket money dishing out flyers at gigs. One of the gigs was cancelled due to electrical problems or something and we ended up just drinking in The Cock with Gordon Raphael who’d come to see them.


That’s the Paul Cox who later did Artrocker, right?


Seen the drummer from the seahorses play at an open mic to 8 or 9 people in a small pub in exeter.