Who's the biggest band you've seen in a small-ish venue?


Indeed. Our band recorded with him too and he was there at that Bristol Jennifers gig I mentioned, lending us his Marshall and generally being an all round swell guy. There was also a bunch of dance music that he championed - Global Communication were his acolytes & the other act supporting PJ Harvey at the anti-vivisection gig. Tim Goldsworthy, later of Unkle & DFA was also on the scene




Like Sean,saw muse a few times when they were touring the toilets…think I saw them at the foundry in brum which is small.

Saw converge in The Attic Manchester which was insane. 2002 maybe,or 3. One of the beast shows I’ve seen. Proper change my life moment.

Godspeed with Sigur Ros at Planet k in 2001 (?) was pretty small and special in the scheme of things

Coldplay at The Roadhouse in Manchester was alright

Isis at the roadhouse Manchester 2003 maybe? Or 4 not sure but they were HEAVY.

Papa M at the roadhouse in 2000,or maybe 2001. I know he’s not massive but biug enough for that to be special.

Blur at the q club in brum was nuts before they headlined glasto in 97. Not tiny but small compared to the venues they were touring. Came on too the best version of girls and boys I’ve ever heard

Idlewild playing the flapper in Birmingham after captain was special also. An early life changer as they were just bonkers.


My dad saw Jimi Hendrix in a pub in Croydon. I think he also saw the Small Faces at an ice rink(!) in Streatham.

Don’t have anything as awesome as that myself, Killers at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, Editors at a Trent uni club night that was £2 to get in, Franz Ferdinand at Nottingham Social (had seen them support Interpol previously), Arcade Fire at the Leadmill.

The one I kick myself for the most was seeing Interpol were playing the Social, then not wanting to go by myself so I didn’t. Have seen them about a billion (approx) times since though.


I mean these are both right shit, but also massively famous. I was also a literal child (16/17) at the time of both of them.

Mumford & Sons in the 375 capacity Ruby Lounge. It wasn’t my idea, thought it was poor and the band looked like total bellends and so did everybody else in the audience. Other than that I didn’t think much of it and had to be reminded years later when they were big that they were the tweed wearing fucks who once annoyed me for 70 minutes.

Ed Sheeran in the 675 capacity Club Academy in Manchester, he was supporting Example (who I actually quite enjoyed as an amusing novelty back then). No memory of him, just buzzed af that I got served a pint of cider at the bar.


I was never lucky enough to see Nosferatu D2 but yeah, SRS played for me once or maybe twice. We also filmed Ben playing in my living room once! Great guy, outstanding songwriter.


Sorta love parental stories like that, not least because some of the bizarre places bands used to play back in the day.

Eg my mum claims to have seen the Ramones in St Albans once.


They played Aylesbury twice in the same year, on different tours!


Slough! Penzance!



Imagine booking that tour.


That would have been The Greyhound wouldn’t it? My dad saw Bowie there and the Beatles in Croydon.

I saw The Fall at the the Cartoon.


The Ramones in St Albans is brilliant

My Mum worked as a Young lass in the ticket office of Bellevue in Manchester from ‘64 to ‘68 and saw loads of bands for free - Stones, Beach Boys’ first UK gig, lots of American bluesmen …but skipped the Hendrix & Led Zep gigs. She also had short-lived flings with a few pop/rock dudes but they never lasted because she was a good catholic girl who believed in no sex before marriage

My dad claims to have seen the Beatles at the Cavern Club but I think that’s bullshit. I mean he certainly grew up in Liverpool & was at the same school as Paul, Ringo & George (now Paul’s pop academy) but whenever there were Cavern Club clips on the Telly growing up he always did a very good job of recalling the venue layout & a very bad job recalling actually seeing the Beatles …so he obviously embellished his one or two trips to the venue with stories of seeing the Fab Four there (probably to impress girls) and ended up believing in his own lies.

Contrast this with my mum being able to describe in minute detail her first encounter with synthesized sound when The Beach Boys broke out the theremin for Good Vibrations in the Great Hall at Bellevue


Muse a true the Cavern in Exeter too! I could be Sean!

Oasis at Joiners in Southampton is another good one. 150 capacity I think.


Saw the first Vampire Weekend show in London at Birthdays I think. By the summer they were playing quite high up the bill in a packed tent at Reading. Most quick rise to fame I’ve ever witnessed. I also saw them in Kingston at a secret-ish Contra release show.

Saw Mac DeMarco at the Green Door Store on his first UK tour. That kind of venue is perfect for him really, shame he’s far too popular now

Saw Mumford and Sons open for Laura Marling in Edinburgh, who herself was not particularly big yet, before they had any kind of presence. Would’ve never believed anyone who told me how big Mumford would become

Lastly Bombay Bicycle Club tried to play my university’s bar as part of a freshers week promo but got annoyed that so many people were talking so the singer (Jack Steadman / Mr Jukes) just went and sat outside and played for about 40 people, that was lovely


I passed up seeing Whiteout supported by Oasis at the Jug of Ale one Sunday years ago. Our guitarist went and ripped off Colombia, which sounded great until we realised what he’d done. I also passed up seeing The Verve as a freebie at the same venue on what would have been a very just pre Urban Hymns tour.
Also passed up seeing the Ramones when they played Birmingham Odeon as I went to see the Guana Batz instead. Met a schoolmate on the bus back home, who’d been to see the Ramones and it was clear he’d seen the gig of a lifetime. I did manage to catch the 5 times after that though.


Saw Florence and the Machine at Underage Festival in one of the little tents.


QOTSA at the underworld in 2000 just before Rated R came out. Definitely one of the better gigs I’ve seen.

Also Franz Ferdinand at Bedford Esquires just before Take me out became a mega smash.


oh shit I saw Florence and the Machine opening for Turbo Fruits in a tiny, tiny venue. must have been one of her first live performances because they were first on


Mrs CCB used to go and see Muse when they were a pub band, playing the Torquay Piazza (essentially a pub with a dance floor). They’d play the gig and then stand around chatting afterwards. Mrs CCB once asked the bassist for his plectrum and got a patronising “lol bassists don’t use plectrums” response. Dicks.

Can’t think of anything myself.


Code Orange Kids, who I saw supporting Circle Takes the Square a few years back, got nominated for a Grammy. Except they’re Code Orange now.