Who's the biggest band you've seen in a small-ish venue?


Joanna Newsom at Conway Hall in 2004. Didn’t know her, went because it was a Smog gig. Turned out to be a whole day thing called Homefires. Willy Mason and Adem also played
Travis at Maidstone Union Bar around the time of the first album. Think there were only about 5 other people there, including bar staff.
James at Dingwalls around the time of the first best-of. Not sure how this happened. Wasn’t a fan-club thing, but we must have just got lucky in the ticket free-for-all
Blur at Finchley Arts Depot. Mate was a member of the fan club, but couldn’t make it so I went in his place. They played 13 in its entirety, plus a small encore.


Explosions In The Sky in a tiny place in Dublin round about 2003. Might have been called The Hub?


Ah, I saw Biffy Clyro at T in the Park 2000 when they were brand new. Forgot all about that until now.




I was pretty cosmically spread for 5 in the afternoon or whatever it was. Took a load of photos on a disposable camera and every single one came back a blurred mess with those stickers on them

(The younger ones among you won’t even remember these) apart from one …which is a pic of a crusty mate who’d stolen a policeman’s helmet just before we went in and the Policeman is politely asking for it back.

All the blurred ones perfectly capture the experience


Maths who I think had a DiSer in their line-up at the time.


I mean these are both right shit, but also massively famous. I was also old enough to know better at the time of both of them. …Thanks @Konichiwa_Bitches

Mumford & Sons - 2008/9? A Sold out South Street, Reading …300 people(?). Sometime before the first album. The only time I have ever seen South street sold out. I think a couple of the Bumfords went to school in Reading so that helped. Laura Marling was kicking around as well.

Ed Sheeran - 2015 - Other Voices stage, Latitude. This was by accident… Came on after The Unthanks headlined. He sang like 5 songs, was drunk and had 2 members of Snow Patrol with him. About 100/150 people. I think he played Wembley Stadium the day before. On another stage at the same time some guy called Thom Yorke playing a secret set…


I guess in light of her Grammy win, Alessia Cara at Camden Barfly counts, although she played for what felt like 15 minutes.


I saw Arcade Fire perform at Cafe Paradiso in Urbana, IL.


Saw Grant Hart of Hüsker Dü play to ten people in this record shop in Cork.


This is exactly the retelling I wanted. Brilliant work BITT.


My old band supported Bastille at The Harley in Sheffield, right after they signed to a major label. Probably less than 100 people there, within a year of that show their album went straight to No. 1.


I saw Isis at the Roadhouse in Manchester too.They were touring “Oceanic” at the time. Support was Cult of Luna and 27 which was good cos Maria from 27 came on and sang with Isis on the song “Weight” which she does on the album…

Great gig.


Killing Joke and
Mark Lanegan - both at Hebden Bridge Trades


Probably a regional orchestra


I was at that, had no idea who she was at the time either. Got into a fight because I asked people to stop sitting on the floor when there were loads of people trying to get in. A fight at a Smog gig, I ask you!


I certainly wouldn’t have been sitting on the floor. I cannot say the same for the missus. She’s a lazy sod at times!


Saw Biffy at the Harlow Square supporting the Llama Farmers. I saw St. Vincent play the Slaughtered Lamb, I think it was only mentioned on her MySpace page as it wasn’t very full.


Saw Belle and Sebastian in a hall somewhere in Nottingham. It was a Sunday afternoon gig and the place was a quarter full. I was hungover and went to the back and fell asleep on some exercise mats.

Skindred in some tiny hall outside of Nottingham. I was a fan of Dub War and my mate knows the bassist of Skindred. After the gig I drove Benji (singer from Skindred) to a newsagent so he could top up his mobile phone.


yeah similarly i saw Enter Shikari play at Guildford Community Centre in like 2005 as my mate put the gig on. they were fucking terrible and absolute bellends to boot.