Who's the least fussy eater and drinker on here? (Polls welcome)

Who will eat absolutely anything?

Not me for sure.

Obviously some people have food issues so this thread is absolutely not about making people feel uncomfortable.

I can’t abide celery, parsnips or courgettes and will pick all of these out of a meal if I can get away with it.

Also only like good quality sweet tomatoes, not the crappy metallic tasting ones I was raised on.

Don’t like any fortified wines either. Sherry and port can get to fuck.

If there’s food you don’t like do you regularly check to see if your tastes have changed?

Won’t eat seafood or most vegetables

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Hate mushrooms, can’t stand coconut, and not a huge fan of beetroot. Otherwise (provided it’s vegetarian) I’ll eat pretty much anything.

I eat loads of things

Don’t like olives, think I will eat anything else but don’t rush to stuff like tripe and fromage du tete

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Do you eat the rich?

  • Yes
  • No
  • There’s only one thing that they’re good for

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Allergic to bananas and strawberries. Won’t eat eggs. Can’t stand cooked mushrooms. Don’t like cream.

I’M OUT (but not to dinner).

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Don’t like foods that feel like they’ve already been eaten (mashed potatoes, mushy peas)

Like virtually everything else

Prove it.

You would make a rubbish baby bird


You want a photo of my belly?

  • No
  • No thank you

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Things I don;t like

Almond essence based things - marzipan, almond paste etc (actual almonds are fine and good)
Desiccated coconut (coconut milk and fresh coconut are fine)

Not crazy about things with loads of dried fruit in - xmas cake, fruit cake, mince pies etc

That’s about it really

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Will eat most things. There are things I’m not keen on, but would never pick them out of food.

Routinely ask for “a bit of everything” in the salad bar at work without knowing what most stuff is :woman_shrugging:


Ooohh yeah marzipan is shite

Also those meringues that are all dried out and chalky and urgh. Proper fresh meringue is ok.


yep this is the only one for me

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i’ll eat anything


Things I won’t eat: Pineapple, Grapefruit, and most ‘exotic’ fruits.
All other fruits, fine.
All other foodstuffs, perfectly OK.

I eat most things. I’m not allergic to anything.

The only things I’m not a fan of are porridge and rice pudding, which to me both look like sick in a bowl.

Everything else :+1:

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ooft I could crush some rice pudding

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You can have my portion

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