Who's the least fussy eater and drinker on here? (Polls welcome)


Fussy eater and proud


Me too, never used to be but one day after 30 years of banana use my body just decided that they would almost kill me if I ate them, and it made this decision after I’d just eaten a banana, while waking round Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. That was a fun day…

I won’t eat fresh tomato, especially the big firm watery ones that sandwich shops use, usually with the green stalk bit at the top left in. Grim. Every other tomato item is fine though. Brussel sprouts are out too but they’re clearly not meant to be consumed by humans.


yeah i’ll basically only eat celery if no other food is available


What do people think is more impolite

  • Not eating the food given to you
  • Eating it but subsequently throwing up in front of your hosts

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I thought I was bad (7)


I basically eat: bread, pasta, cheese, meat, chocolate, potato


If we went on a date and you cooked me
those things in that order you’d definitely woo me tbh tbf ttf

Edit: you snuck a potato on the end! that’s what she said


I also eat starburst wrappers which some people on here are pretty closed minded about


Do you just chuck away the sweets?

Possibly still not as bad as swallowing jelly beans whole @Antpocalypsenow (I think)


Just eat them without taking off the wrapper, enjoy the extra texture, same with kiwi fruit


Have you had those Japense milk flavoured sweets coated in rice paper? They’re nice.




Don’t think so, but someone brought these coconut sweets that sound similar back from Vietnam to work, everyone hated them and it gets mentioned to this day, no one could tell if the outer film was a wrapper or part of the sweet, because I don’t make the artificial distinction I was able to enjoy them and had them mostly to myself (I now crave them)


Haha, good stuff. Track these down, they might fill the papery void for you;


That was me and strawberries.

Suddenly at 24, the body was like… NOPE CANT EAT THESE NO MORE. The delicious little squidgy red bastards,