Who's the most famous person you've met

Never met anybody famous by this definition

oh I met Tracy Beaker once at a club night like just before the lockdown. Lucky to get to the meet and greet bit, nearly got kicked out in the club night for taking m shirt off (Robbie was on)


Either Roger Moore or Kelly MacDonald.

Roger was a corporate awards thing but he was pressing the flesh and giving a bit of chat.

Jealous of this one. Very much love her voice.

Now imagine her graciously refusing your offer of a can of Strongbow!


Went up to Four Tet with a former DiSer and we both thought the other had something to say to him but neither of us did so we said hi and then stood there awkwardly for a bit then walked off.


In brief the brief awkward moments with bands genre, at uni, me and a mate went to see half man half biscuit at the hop and grape. Held the doors at the top of the stairs for a couple of guys wheeling kit around. Turned out to be the band.

This one is a bit :grimacing: but he’s arguably more famous than Frank Bruno


Celeb: Jimmy Savile
Famous for: erm…
Venue: the opening of Saviles conference centre in Leeds
Meeting: me and a mate had our photo taken with him. He said “hurry the fuck up lads I want to sit down”.


None. I did once meet a guy who bragged about being on texting terms with Charli XCX, but he would not give me her number. I promised I would only use it for good as well. Prick.

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A famous person I have spoken with is Conor Oberst when I was a steward at Green Man. I had to tell him about something or other and he said “woah, far out, man”. Or I think he did anyway, it’s been so long that I don’t remember if he really said it or I added that detail because it’s more American. Sort of sounds too American for him to have actually said it.


Yeah mine is Enda Kenny too, depressingly

Billy Idol, lovely bloke.


George r r martin to get my copy of a game of thrones signed in 2014. Wanted yo ask about the next book but didn’t as he probably is sick of hearing it

Gwyneth Paltrow and Toni Collette stayed at the hotel I was working at. They were there for around six weeks. I was mostly working behind the bar so we became super best friends.

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Most famous is probably Eddie Izzard, who my mum lived with her they were both students (Eddie used to borrow my mum’s clothes sometimes). It was some anniversary party of someone else they both knew as students, I was about 12 and a big Izzard fan, had a nice chat and got a photo. Was pretty thrilling at that age tbh, especially for a “boring grown-up party”.

Also had good meetings with lots of experimental music people who are big significant names to me, but not really “famous” in the general sense, e.g. Terry Riley, Aaron Dilloway, Jason Lescalleet, Drew Daniel & MC Schmidt from Matmos, Jennifer Walshe, Thor Harris, the Bohman Brothers, Mark Sanders, John Edwards, Steve Beresford… [continues prattling on into obscurity]


I’ve had a chat with him after a gig
He seemed alright, bit shy
Don’t think he wanted to talk to us really!

no he didn’t

(what’s his house like? is it scary?)

Either Bob Mortimer, Vic Reeves, or that fella from Inbetweeners and Friday Night Dinner

or Matt Berry


Most famous probably Shane Warne (wandered into my shop in Cardiff when Hants were playing Glamorgan) or Kirsten Dunst (shared a lift with her at the Tokyo premiere of Spider-Man 3)

Lots of music people, mostly through work. Biggest names probably Nick Cave, Stormzy, Paul Weller, all of Girls Aloud, plus Julian Cope who may not be mega famous but was everything you could want him to be.

Probably can’t reveal the most famous as it was a work-related thing and confidentiality etc.

When I worked at Alder Hey though Stephen Gerrard was a fairly regular visitor to the ward for charity work.

Kate (as in Will and Kate) visited when I was there. Actively avoided anything to do with it in case I accidentally mumbled “guillotine the cunts” or something, but some of my colleagues were desperately excited for a handshake.

I’m the wild - dunno, does Zane Lowe count?