Who's the oldest living (direct) relative of a DiSer

only grandparents/greatgrandparents etc. No great aunt bullshit

My grandma turns 94 in a couple of weeks, any advance on that?

Think saps might be around that age.

None from me mate, my Great-Nan made it to 93 so you’ve got me beat even if you were including dead folk.

Well played, you’ve done brilliantly there.

QI Klaxon*

*We would also have accepted Creakyknees

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My gran snuffed it at 96 this year and my gran-in-law is the same age and still going.

Still lives on her own in Bow, with minimal support. Absolute diamond of a grandma tbf

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Proper cockney? My aforementioned Great-Nan grew up there, maybe they knew each other!

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BTW, I’m off to Colchester tomoz.

RIP but great innings Balonz’s gran,

Gran-in-law chat isn’t permitted ITT but I’m sure she’s a wonderful woman

enjoy, maybe visit the clock museum

She has always been vile to me as it happens.

My gran turned 102 a few weeks ago :hugging:


Genuinely think contrary to the lyrics of the song Street Life, cities are the best places for old people in terms of good access to stuff they need like care/buses/good weed.

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As I assumed, a lovely, lovely woman


Yeah for sure, she’d 100% be in a home if she lived in Brexit

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NB This is not a competition entry just chat:

My wife’s grandma died the day before her 100th birthday in 2015.

Might have the youngest grandparents here:

Grandma - 74
Grandad - 76

other grandma - 73

My dads the eldest at the moment at 67.

But my great nan made 101 and my Nan 96.

My Nan and her twin sister are both 94 so combined thats 188 (that counts doesn’t it?)

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Don’t think there’s anyone alive in my family older than about 70 actually.