Who's the oldest living (direct) relative of a DiSer


My granny doesn’t know when she was born but her eldest is pushing 80


I once dated a girl who didn’t know how old she was.

She was lot younger than your nan.


Oh boy…



She was Korean and had been adopted by an American family and was WELL over the age of consent!


Why do you think it didn’t work out between the two of you?


His defense to the operation Yew tree investigation was unique but by no means water tight


(I think she was Korean)


Ah yes, I remember that well!

(fucking eight years ago, what the hell are we doing with our lives?)


Let me tell you where you went wrong here…


Yup. Fuck knows when the date was. I met her at Mass in Brixton beaned out of my bonce. There was one other date when she came to my neck of the woods.


What a gentleman.


I was stoned and I got her home. I think that was pretty heroic.


This is a very good story.


You should give her a ring she might be of age by now


My great nan made it to 106 which is mad impressive, but she’s dead now (RIP Nell). Lived in near enough the same place in World’s End for all 106 of those years (give or take moving flats when they built the estate) which is pretty damn cool as it included accidentally living right in the middle of London’s hippie sect for a bit.

Living grandparents are all late 80’s / early 90’s now.


My grandad was convinced his birthday was on the 15th August. It was only when my dad had to get a copy of my grandads birth certificate for something we found it really was in early July.

We never told him and continued celebrating his birthday on the date he always had.


Coincidentally my grandma will be 104 on 15th August this year if her heart doesn’t pack up before then…


Did your great nan like to pipe up about how the streets were a lot safer when the krays were about? If so, they were probably mates


My grandad turns 95 next week.

He was still working several days a week until last April as a caretaker in a local school - he only quit because he fell and broke his hip a few weeks after his 94th birthday. A few years ago he noticed that his co-worker who was highly allergic to bee stings had been stung, went and get help, and potentially saved her life as a result. Pretty cool thing to do in yer early 90s.