Who's the world's most beautiful man?


All opinions considered. No perving. No boring debates.

It’s Dornan.


Why DiSer (redacted) of course!




Yeah, I’d say Dornan. One person I don’t get and all the hype is this guy


I admire Dornan’s human qualities and acting ability as well.


I’ve got a lot of time for fit lads. Probably that fella who was on blue Peter.


I toyed with starting this thread, for you know, balance. I was going to lead with Dornan, so instead I’ll propose another Jamie:


Do people still fancy David Beckham? I always thought he had a boys voice.


Not in Dornan’s league.

As a human.


I just think he’s banging


olof mellberg. beautiful, beautiful olof


This guy


That Zayn Malik is dead handsome isn’t he, don’t really understand why Harry Styles is considered handsome but that Zayn Malik is really something.




*Ghandi, autocorrect


No perving?

FO, M.


find it really difficult to see beauty in men I don’t know… just assume they’re an arsehole unless shown otherwise


Pierce Brosnan, Goldeneye era.


I like his underwear range in m&s, all these pictures of generic men wearing pyjamas and pleat-fronted corduroys, and your fella David is sprawled out on a sofa wearing a tiny pair of pants.


my cat is called Gandy :kissing_closed_eyes: