Who's the world's most beautiful woman?

All opinions considered. No perving. No boring debates.

It’s Vica Kerekes.

Of course, they all have lovely bottoms!


not sure this thread is appropriate.


Why DiSer (redacted) of course!

How can I get through days when I can’t get through hours?

got no time for them m8, I’m all about keeping myself physically fit and doing my brain training game on my Nintendo ds.

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Course it is. I’m not telling you what your definition of beauty has to be. Nominate your old lady if you like.

that’s fine but you could have said most beautiful person.

This is a sexist thread and replies will only get worse from here on out I’m afraid.

Nuts readers with record collections.


I apologise for being a completely worthless human being who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.


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That’s not true, bet you’re a great person!

Maybe just change the thread title?

Anita Rani innit.

Find it really difficult to see beauty in women I don’t know… just assume they’re an arsehole unless shown otherwise

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woman from the secret escapes advert.

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Do you mean beautiful as in externally or do you mean deep beauty of their Soul?

lights incense


Either way it’s Anita Rani, friend.

the beckinsale, even if she can dress like a bit of a dick sometimes