Who's the world's not beautiful voice?

I reckon Brit Marling?

Maybe Idris Elba for the lads.

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I love Brit Marling, I love Jon Ronsons voice too.

I’m just going to presume that’s what you’re asking of me.

I was very partial to Jeff Buckley.

crispin glover has the best spoken voice

dulcet tones

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its Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins 'aint it


Typo fingers

When she speaks and when she sings:

probably japes

I like Robin Wright’s voice a lot

But I reckon Olaf Darri Olafson when he speaks English in Lady Dynamite is the best voice ever

oh actually it’s Jarvis :heart:

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Speaking voice?
+1 Idris
then probably Paz Vega or Goldie Hawn?

Singing voice:
Leonard Cohen or Buckley
Nina Simone

Cocker or the computer in Iron Man?

Singing: Newsom

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