who's your best friend

that you don’t know?

there’s an old man that goes into the gym at the same time i’m leaving. gets a little nod.

Do people who are friendly in shops count? Or do they just see their job as being sociable?

there’s also a guy i walk past at the same point every day, don’t get any recognition of off him yet but i think i’m wearing him down

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think it counts as long as they recognise you

Paul Rudd


Guy who owns the craft beer shop behind my flat, see him a few times a week but only know his name since it’s in the shops twitter handle, and never introduced myself to him.

Guy at my local gas station. Probably been there 15 years, no idea what his name is. Very nice guy.


there comes a point where you’ve known each other for so long it’s very awkward to introduce yourself

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Yeah feels like we’re way beyond that point. What’s the limit, maybe 3 decent length chats and then you’re in too deep?

What are we counting as ‘know’.

The man who drives the car park to airport bus and tries to stop me being grumpy at 05:45 by telling crap jokes.

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you clearly recognise each other but don’t know each others names i would say

Ok, bus man it is

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also see a woman with a pug quite regularly. she’s quite boring but i like her dog.

dog’s called floyd, not sure if floyd knows my name.

Oh, or lady who comes to clean our stairwells every Wednesday so I sometimes bump into and have meaningless conversations about the weather.


I know the name of a guy in the local Scotmid. He doesn’t know mine. Does that count?


Probably the woman at Baker Street Coffee, who knows my order and I have a little chat with when I pop in. No idea what her name is.

Or maybe the guy who runs Captain Seadogs Barbers just round the corner, who I don’t speak to so often (I drink coffee more often than I get my hair cut). I think his name might be Chris, but we just call him Captain Seadog. He cuts Jimbo’s hair too, and he was great for recommendations when I went to Australia, since he’s into his music (he’s got a massive stash of 60s and 70s LPs in the shop) and he’s from Melbourne.

Actually, the woman at Baker Street Coffee is Australian too. Maybe it’s my destiny to be friendsnotfriends with Australians.

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Forgot about the staffie who lives in the block next door. That dog is always so bloody pleased to see me I think it likes me more than any of my real friends.

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Craig David