Who's your favourite Kardashian?


Mine’s Kourtney

I like Kendall’s face a lot though, she looks like a mix between Sandra Bullock and Lilly Collins




Ooh how come?


Quite like Khloe for some reason.


Fancy the fuck out of her, mate.


How is Rob Kardashian not in jail for leaking those nudey pics? Cos he’s famous?


I respect all of the kardashians and the wonderful kardashian brand.

except rob, obvs

edit: meant to reply to the thread not you, obvs


I know nothing of these people except that one has a big backside and is married to yer man West. And the dad is transgender


Oh hang on: is that Jenner. Yeah that’s the one. Discus thrower


The Dad
Oh he’s dead, that’s weird


Of course, they all have lovely bottoms.



Gul Dukat obviously.




does Scott Disick count? cause him


And now I have just found out that Caitlyn Jenner actually does appear in the Kardashians TV programme. Every day’s a school day


Dukat was a weasel. Garak was the absolute boy!


This is atrocious.


Kris Kardashian married Jenner after Rob’s death. They have two kids (Kylie and Kendall) who are half sisters of Rob, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.