Who's your nearest disser?

Mine is @rich-t I think.

could also be @ynot depending on how south London he is, but it’d still be a very close thing.


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Sadpunk I guess

@anon75298087 so blessed!!


One of the Cardiff ones.


Weeber fo sho

@NeilYoung, probably.


Don’t know if they still post and if they live where I think they do, but yours is probably @petetheweed

Isn’t ttf closer than me?

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@eems and @p_a_u_l

(500 metres according to my phone maps)

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@rob.orch. I don’t know his exact location but I think @anon73286315 might be next closest

@Acorn I think?

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yeah, it’s definitely ttf actually. always underestimate how close the place where ttf lives is.

Neil Young for me too

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Could be @Ruffers or @Icarus-Smicarus.

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Anyone in N8 in North London?

Depends how we’re measuring it and what room I’m in. From my kitchen and as the crow flies then @dots but from my living room, or if we’re talking steps taken door to door, then @Matt_was_taken (approx 10 second walk)


Probably @AQOS, don’t know exactly where he lives but seems like it’ll be near BS6.

Maybe so when I’m visiting Auld Ma Ruffs! Most of the time you’ve got @colossalhorse living a little West of Cardiff I believe


Only the best DiSers for KG evidently!

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