Whose pizza opinions do you trust more


  • whiterussian
  • eric4

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Doesn’t that Eric guy just talk about tacos or something?
You’ve been banging on about pizza for years on here, years!

  • i eat square pizzas from dominos 5 times a week
  • i think that italians know what they’re doing when it comes to pizza

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PS: I generelly think @ericthefourth is a Top Lad™


I wouldn’t dare say anyone but pocketmouse


Not sure I wanna get involved in this so I’m gonna say definitely @whiterussian but also definitely @ericthefourth


no fencesitters!



Can you each explain the perfect pizza in no more than 10 words?




Thought not. Eric: this is yours


Believe me, I understand pizza, its my favourite food, and @whiterussian’s are the best.


sourdough base, san marzano sauce, mozzarella and choice of toppings


choice of toppings

What’s YOUR choice of toppings?


spinach, black olives, egg (with a healthy dash of chili oil)



was absolutely fine, 7/10. very little to distinguish the pizza from Dr. Oetker - king of pizzas.


the men in white coats’ll be over soon.


*votes for whiterussian *


guys. egg, on a pizza?!