Whose pizza opinions do you trust more



enjoy dominos pizza at reading


Spinach is a dreadful pizzer ingredient.

whiterussian wins.


she can’t even be arsed to name hers


Fucking hell Eric. I’ve had to change my vote.


I like most pizzas as long as they don’t have too much weird shit on them


Fucked it. You’ve absolutely fucked it.




Reminds me of those toads being born out of that other toad’s back.


I don’t really know who either of you are


One of them puts eggs, spinach and olives on pizzas, the other doesn’t (I’m assuming). That’s all you need to know.


i might add gorgonzola as well if i was gonna go all out


Sorry @ericthefourth but you’re clearly out of your froth here, @whiterussian for the win :grinning:


Gorgonzola is an acceptable pizza topping. The other three aren’t.


Olives - fine
Gorgonzola - fine
Spinach - hmmm
Fried egg - fuck off


It’s not fried fyi


I need some fucking evidence, guys.

I’ve never seen WH have an opinion on a pizza but I reckon she likes meat, probably whale, on hers so I think it’ll have to be eric.

  • i read the entire big pizza thread the other day, please don’t do this again
  • i read the entire big pizza thread the other day and i look forward to this one
  • i did not read that big pizza thread the other day cos i’m not fucking mental

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God, imagine watching someone perform that live.


What if I read most of the pizza thread but then it got boring but I still welcome this one?