Whose trousers are on too tight?

Whose pickled onion has gone stale? Whose magnet has lost it’s polarity?

Let’s plaaaaay the weakest link!


Mine tbh

Ruffers, you say you are the piss but you barely even dribbled. You are the weakest link, goodbye!



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The fact I knew what this was going to be about before I opened the thread

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This one is me, sorry for letting you all down


What if they run out of these little jokes? He says them every episode, that’s quite a lot to think of for every series

Who thinks a lager top is a t-shirt with a can of Carling on it

woah is it still going? I thought it stopped with Anne Robinson

It’s back (celebrity only) and the quizmaster is Romesh Ranganathan

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Mine are a little bit tight. Manageable though.

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Sponge-bob Square-pants

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