Why? - Alopecia

10yrs old today apparently.

Talk about it below if you want to


Listened to it on my bike the other day, still an album I enjoy a lot


can’t listen to it anymore because of feels

It’s brilliant. It’s the only Why? Album I’ve been able to get into though.

Walked past the Islington Assembly Hall yesterday with the TV and reminisced about their show on the Mumps, etc. tour where the two whitest boys I’ve ever met who were absolutely fluent in Why? made my evening. She stopped listening to me quite quickly

Yeah I’m a bit like this too. Parts of Elephant Eyelash and Eskimo Snow are great, but this is their best LP by a long, long way


I feel like everything Yoni Wolf made peaked with this album, then he didn’t know what to do and has been trying to work it out since.

In my top ten albums of all time, and according to last.fm, my fifth most listened to one.


If I had to choose my favourite Why? album it’d be a close call with Elephant Eyelash and Alopecia, but Alopecia would win.

Am I correct here, or is my memory deceiving me. Did young fathers support why? on that tour?



Ooh no idea, also an impossibly hard band to Google

Saw them in Brighton on that tour, and I’m almost certain they did support Why? But it was a long time ago and I can’t remember to good no more

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Do you mean

Why?, NZCA/LINES, Young Fathers

Islington Assembly Hall was

Think it was the top one then. Thought I done remembered it rightly

I’m going to listen to it tonight. A very important part of my teen years that I forget about a wee bit too often. Will never forget going to see them with my best friend at 17 and handing a bewildered Josiah Wolf the crude picture my pal drew of the band. They were selling at their own merch stand and it was a joy.

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Just another echo of everybody, but it is substantially their best album - raw, sincere, and just the right balance between hip-hop and indie that of course he’s never gonna wanna strike again. Really glad it exists.

This also happened at the Garage on 2009. Young lads screaming every lyric then stopped to apologise to me with ‘im sorry, I just really really love this band’

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yeah that

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I saw them play SWG3 with @thewza and @scout and yes they did support.