Why? - Alopecia

Though the man was dead and there was no neeeeeedddd

Holy shit this album.

Best opening line of any album ever probably


I’ve never actually heard this album. Why? is the Anticon guy, but this isn’t a hip hop album, is it? Or is it?

Hip Hop influenced would be a better way to describe it

Trust fund hip-hop

Never listened to this. Will give it a go and report back (only because LC! really rate it and used to come on stage to a Why? song I think?)

Have you heard Clouddead?

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It’s a brilliant album and the one that introduced me to them. But Elephant Eyelash will always be number one because of Gemini (Birthday Song) which is, hands down, one of the greatest songs EVER recorded.



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Less of the LC chat pls hyg


Got officially together with a girl who spent three years destroying me the night I saw them touring that album in Brighton

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Which venue was that? I saw them around this album I think, but it might have been Eskimo snow instead. Hazy memories. Saw them in audio

It was at Audio

Aye, good gig that

*kicks rich-t in the shin under the table*



Post must be…


I think I just about prefer Elephant Eyelash but it’s a close run thing, Eskimo Snow was quite good as well but nothing else has hit those heights for me.


It IS great but he says “room” far too many times in the opening verse

In my top 10 albums of all time definitely. Saw them last year at thekla and they were great and the set was very Alopecia heavy.

You’re the only proper noun I need