Why are elections always so close?


By looks of things, only 100,000 votes separate Clinton and Trump. 4% separated Brexit vote. Why are most elections so close? How are countries and electorates split so equally?


Because the world doesn’t beat to that same old drum


What might be right for you might not be right for some


Also Brexit was 2% not 4%


In a two-party system, or a yes/no vote, the parties will pitch their tents in the demographic centre-ground, on the assumption that the population as a whole covers a broad spectrum of views with a (generally) pretty even distribution.


all candidates position themselves to get the most votes

if you know you’re gonna get 4% of the vote you wouldn’t bother running

no point having a referendum on something everyone agrees about.


Should add here: Also on the assumption that anyone outside of the centre ground wouldn’t ever change their vote and go for the other party.


Wasn’t it 52% to 48%?


But some people do, like Gary Johnson in this US election?


and the Labour Party in our next election.




Which of course is the new paradigm…