...why are Mtftsb's needed?

There’s a music board over there, not everyone cares if you have an opinion on the new Grizzly Bear album.


Have you seen the people who post in the music board threads?




No there isn’t!

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I have…I’m one of them.

Think it’s a bit of an outdated misconception from the old forum actually. I can’t remember the last time I saw any mockery/snobbery…more likely to find that in a Mtftsb tbh

totally agree. i don’t come here to talk about music ffs.


Who even fucking likes music anyway?


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I’ll stick to the music boards, I think

Feel free to start a SBftMB (but none of those crusties have gone outside in a decade)

And also sometimes it’s nice to have a chat about music without some berk wading in with where they think it sits in the discography of that entire decade or something, stratified down to a decimal point.

Nah…I was just hoping a few extra social board types might venture over

That’s pretty valid…but it’s best to just ignore that kind of chat…or call it out for what it is.

it’s a shame really, I’m not sure where that distinction stated.

I mean I didn’t even bother to post about my albums this year on the music board just did it on the social instead.

Always feel really self-conscious posting on the dark side.

Also I don’t really want to talk about music much other than to remind myself of how great Mark Kozelek is.

Needlessly_defensive this’d this.

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