Why are people grudgeful?

Do you bear grudges?

  • For years and years and sometimes I forget about them but then I remember again and it goes on forever.
  • Oh I’m basically fucking jesus la de da forgive and forget (twat)
  • Yeah but I’m pretty grown up about it and forget about it in a week or two (also - twat)

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Examples of grudges you have borne including (but not limited to) members of this forum.

the thread title is from a Fall single that I think was a cover version.

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Fat White Family stole my ex-bandmates keyboard stand about six years ago.


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is it healthy to bear grudges

  • Of course it isn’t.
  • Of course it isn’t but fuck off I’ll do it anyway.

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I can forgive anything unless it makes me feel embarrassed in which case I will probably never forgive.

Deep down I always know it’s me that’s wrong though

It’s not really forgive and forget, more that I don’t really care about anything in the first place.

Except rectangles of cardboard, anyway.

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Why would I ever let the people who’ve wronged me off the hook?



that’s the spirit!

I hate prerty much everyone and everything and it’s too late to change now so fuck it.


I think we’re all making real progress today.

used to be very good at keeping them going but my memory aint so good these days

Just wanted to say that, despite arguments to the contrary, ‘Beware! I bear more grudges than lonely high court judges’ is a really really shit lyric.

I don’t really talk to or interact with anyone so it’s diffcult to have any specific ones

  • I have a burning grudge against someone on this site.
  • I am lying

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