Why are "sexy" cats a thing?

Why? Why?

Selective breeding

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kind of an interesting article

Puts a whole new perspective on Cats the Musical…

People need to “get over” cats a bit imo, and not in a sexy way

I thought it was foxes that were sexy

and rabbits :confused:

October 2019: @RoverHendrix starts a thread asking why everyone makes fun of Furries.


It’s since I got some.

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To be honest, I was just laughing at the headline. I didn’t have a clue what they were on about

Big fan of humans myself

what even the fuck is this

I dressed as a ‘sexy’ cat for Halloween last year but nobody else at the gig we went to was dressed up so I just looked the non-spooky kind of creepy.


I think a cat would make a great antagonist for a horror movie:
Nine lives
Always lands on it’s feet
Retractable claws

Sounds like my ex wife

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