Why are so many cab drivers twats?

Why though

If anyone ever vommed in the back of my car I reckon it would have a lasting effect on me tbf.


I always think it’s weirder when people are still optimistic when working in roles where they have to deal with the general public on a daily basis.


dealing with the public constantly
no pals
listen to talk radio all day


They are aren’t they

My personal gripe is when they pull up outside a house to pick someone up they seem to just stop in the middle of the road, even when proper parking spaces are available. And if you need to get by its you who is expected to squeeze through a tiny gap

Plus they are a nightmare for close passing bikes

Not all taxi drivers i’m sure, but y’know

I deal with the public all the time for work
Yeah you end up thinking they’re dumb but it doesn’t make you suddenly awful

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My cousin is a cab driver. I’ve not spoken to him in years and I can 100% confirm he is a twat.


i like it when they put their own CDs on. i had a man drive us home without saying a word, just listening to his Arcade Fire CD. the same with a Guns n Roses album recently too.

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Much better than smooth or heart radio tbh

I don’t think there is a higher percentage of twats in the cab driving game than there is in the wider populace it’s just very unlikely you’ll ever be shut in an enclosed a small vehicle with the wider populace twats


Are unlicensed mini cabs still a thing in London or did Uber kill them off?

I remember travelling in one once that was a driving instructors car with a brake and clutch pedal by the passenger seat, and he had someone sit in that seat

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Been in at least one unlicensed mini cab where I would have LOVED a brake pedal.


it’s a mix of drivers in cornwall. some are very polite and chatty, some are just cantankerous old rotters who have grown weary due to years of driving students around

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Scariest/ funniest cab ride ever was in Brussels. He had a really fancy BMW and drove like Ryan Gosling in Drive - slow traffic one second, ridiculous speed down side streets the next

Hmm possibly but say like another workplace you’re forced into a room with strangers? I know theres more pressure to fit in with the collective but it rarely (at least for me) comes out that they’re secretly Brexit party goons let alone revelling in it

Remember at the turn of the century in Cardiff there was a shortage of taxis (that wanted to go out to the suburbs).

We used to get lifts back from town every weekend at 2am with random blokes just cruising around taking cash in hand, doing a bit of unofficial taxiing. A valuable service they provided. I hope they aren’t currently getting too screwed over by uber.

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I reckon if you’re working the tills in a supermarket and engaged in a chat with every customer you would find the same ratio of twat::non-twat as you would if you took the equivalent amount of taxi journeys and spoke to the driver

In my experience this isn’t the case but it would be fun to make some supermarket transactions last ten minutes plus to find out


Yeah similar to the London guys - they would wonder around places like McDonald’s at 2am asking if anyone needed a cab


Listened to a load of Cameroonian pop music on one taxi ride home in Cork. Fucking cracking stuff.

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