Why are spellcheckers so shit? - rolling?

just used the word “secondees” in an e-mail

both outlook , and my browser are claiming it’s not a word - when a quick google confirms it is

This seems to happen all the time . Not sure this has legs as a rolling thread, but there you go

what does it mean? as in people who “second” something?

oh i’ve got it, people who are on secondment?

plural of secondee - someone on a secondment.


alright mr big words.


I’d probably go with secondanarios


spellchecker doesn’t even like the singular version of the word

The use of the word is entirely appropriate, and no other word would suffice

‘people on secondment’ would have also worked, no?

anyway, we’re derailing the thread. spellcheckers ARE shit.

yeah, that would have worked too. But I prefer secondees

thanks for your agreement prof!

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Did you just remember? Without any help from the internet?

No I didn’t remember I just worked it out. Why you having a go at me anyway grievoustim is the guy who made it up

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Why are venues so horrible?

they’re alright

They’re shit, but they’re amazing compared to grammar checkers. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t turn that shit off.

true - but I’m not confident enough in my grammar to know for sure that they are wrong

I think they’re penis good.


You’re never gonna get my love.

I love my grammar. She makes a great spag bol.

Can confirm that MS Word just threw a hissy fit at me typing ‘secondees’ as well…

yes! thanks for sharing

Please everyone else dive in and post up when spellcheckers reject perfectly decent words. Lets get this thread rolling! (thread dies)