Why Are Words More Memorable Than Numbers?

Assuming that they are, I’m sure for some people it’s actually the other way around.

Is it because numbers describe a relationship between entities rather than the entities themselves?

it’s because like there’s not much material difference between 1178 and 1179, they’re too specific aren’t they.

Like you could remember seeing a red car but could you remember what shade of red?

Numbers all mean the same thing, just different quantities of that thing

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It’s only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away


yeah they rely on something else to define them don’t they.

So does that mean maths can’t exist in a vacuum?

simply write numbers down as words and they become easier to remember


I guess until something has happened nothing can have any meaning,

Can someone give me the four one one on this thread please?

One of the only things that makes me remotely suitable for my job is that I find numbers very easy to remember.

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This is a good little memory trick

Say you had to remember this string of numbers

193 919 452 020

You’d probably forget after half hour if you were asked to repeat what they were because there’s no context but if you put them together and they have a context it’s easier so

193 919 452 020 becomes
1939 1945 2020 aka the start and end years of WW2 and the current year.

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yeah that is neat!

Can Discobot answer with word numbers?
Hey @discobot roll 1d6

:game_die: 2

Human consciousness doesn’t really work in numbers, thank heavens, it’s another level of mathematical abstraction

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