Why aren't more people going on about how good the Nao album is


It’s really fucking good. Feel like it’s being overlooked and it’s weird. Sounds like the sort of thing that should be ubiquitously popular in the year 2K16 to me?


just sounds like AlunaGeorge


Goes off to listen to AlunaGeorge in a desperate attempt to know what I’m talking about


it’s because the whole record is essentially the same idea repeated over and over again. it’s too long. love NAO, her singles, EPs, but 18 tracks is too ambitious for her own good.


You’re right, it is quite long


Kind of agree so far. I bought the EPs singles whatever they were and loved them, and I have listened to the whole album twice…but seems quite linear. Need to go back and give it more of a chance.


Not sure linear is the right word. I know what I mean in my head though. :confused:


Nao That’s What I Call Music


This is a fucking fantastic post


i actually thought “linear” described it perfectly :wink:


(Still really love this album btw, it’s sleek and catchy and good)