Why can't games makers agree a look axis standard?

Got very used to Zelda Breath of the Wild and then tried out the Monster Hunter Rise demo and the right stick is completely inverted in both axes by comparison.

FFS. Pick one and stick with it as default but let everyone swap either or both axes if they like

Correct way:

  • Pull down to look up
  • Push up to look up

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Welcome to the great inverted controls debate: staple of early to mid-00s gaming forums everywhere.

Games makers did make an agreement - to allow users to change the controls if they want because the preference of gamers is so variable.

I say push down to look up but honestly unless I was playing right now I don’t think I could tell you what particular games were like. Can’t say I even noticed MHR and BOTW being different, but I’m sure you’re right.


Also, I think it varies between games for me, depending on whether it’s first-person, third person or a space-ship.

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I think my controller stick preference is the opposite to my mouse preference, but like @hip_young_gunslinger, I’d need to check in game.

Immediately know when it’s “wrong”

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Yeah, flying something I need inverted (when Fortnite had its planes at Christmas they were definitely wrong). Third person probably inverted too. First person maybe regular? Idk I don’t think I’m a hardliner like @Scagden

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Inverted for life! At the moment both my kids are playing Assassins Creed. If they get to a bit they’re stuck on we have to change all the settings for me to unstick them then change them back. “Dad why can’t you just play normally?”

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inverted for japanese games, non-inverted for western games please

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Inverted is more immersive as it aids the feeling that you are the movement stick, eyes at the front, you tilt your head forward to look down, tilt your head back to look up


I think I’m inverted for flying games, non inverted for everything else but can’t say for sure without a game in front of me


One of the Halo games starts with you “calibrating your suit” where it asks you to look up and depending which way you move the thumbstick automatically sets you to inverted or not


It just feels completely intuitive to me as well, but I can see how it might be the opposite for other people. Immersive preference setting like @cutthelights mentions where it calibrates to your instinctual choice (but with a menu option to change it later if you like) is the best approach

Well aware of the debate obviously. Just annoyed it’s not standardised on a console like the Switch as the default.

Can change it in settings on both games

Yeah I’m annoyed that the default isn’t apparently the same. Unless I switched it on zelda at the start and forgot I suppose

Guys, stop saying “inverted” as if there is an actual standard! :joy:

i can’t remember, but i always have to invert on every game

Inverted doesn’t mean non standard, it means up is down instead of up.


Blown my mind. Played that game thousands of times and never noticed this.

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