Why can't I post polls all of a sudden?

  • Because you’re a numpty, saps, you oaf
  • Probably because of some screw up that theo has made, I feel your pain saps.

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Ok, so why does this one work?

I demand answers theo.

But bear in mind I can’t handle technical detail.


I’m trying to post one with about ten options and when I go to press it says poll must have different answers or something.
Looks fine in preview.


Is there a tory option? Maybe DiS has finally had it with tory options. Take it out and try again.


There’s nothing in there about Tories.

At least I don’t think so.

I’ll check.


Maybe it actually needs a Tory option at this point.


They make me feel so tired, mistersteve. So veryvery tired.


The only thing we’re not being conservative about is the number of Conservative polls!!! #irony #lol #bants