Why can't the weather make its mind up?

Do you think it is fair to place such expectations on the weather?

The weather is a changeable beast

If you could change any beast which would it be and why?

I would change Monty from “dead” to “alive”

EDIT: The “why” is because I love him and miss him


I forgive you for not giving the reason why as I believe it as clear* as day!


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“Clear” is one of the best types of weather IMO

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I’d probably give a pig a horn like a unicorn.


aye the weather forecast for glasgow earlier in the week had the next couple of weeks as looking pure pish, now it’s looking like taps aff weather.

It’s when you know it’s really made its mind up.

Weather, you like it or not

I’ve got a load out Pans and I’m worried it’s going to rain before it’s done.

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How come?

I think that they might enjoy it and maybe people would stop eating them.

Do you think if Unicorns existed people would be eating them?

Depends really, I think if they had always existed we’d be chowing down on them like there’s no tomorrow, if they just suddenly appeared though we’d be worshipping them as Gods and never putting them in our mouths.

Maybe there would have been a unicorn crisis like the horse crisis of whenever it was with the horse lasagnes and shit.

This was the inspiration for the computer game “Altered Beast”

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Just absolutely fucking HAMMERED it down here. By the time I’d walked to the garage from the driveway it had stopped. Can’t have been more than 20 seconds. Now it’s brilliant sunshine again. Weather is the virus

I’m starting to think that your posts here are part of a larger interlinked narrative that once revealed will make us all lose our minds in admiration


It would be difficult to state categorically that that wouldn’t be a possibility