Why did no one tell me about Kelsey Lu?


Good god this is incredible

and this 10cc cover starts off decent and then goes full body cosmic

Her first album from 2016 is mainly just her incredible voice & cello playing - like Solange meets Florence meets Arthur Russell

Her new album ‘Blood’ is released at midnight

Why did no one tell me about her?

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We couldn’t trust you not to tell everyone.


Ive been banging on about her for neons like!


indeed you did

I will have to listen to your recommendations more closely in future

New album at midnight

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Gosh. That was… definitely quite the thing. Do love a bit of psychedelic/neo-soul, but that was… intense in a way I didn’t expect.

(also, second video maybe needs a NSFW warning)


Oh yeah

2nd video CW: Boobs

I always forget about stuff like that because nudity is not an issue over here


The new album ‘Blood’ is sublime, huge and drifting, intimate & precise

There’s one incongruous track on it though, a sort of disco pastiche that sounds like an over-produced Donna Summer track and really doesn’t fit among the fine strings & dulcimers of the rest of the album.
Listening closely to the lyrics though it would seem that this track is a kind of fuck you to being asked by the label/her a&r/manager to produce a radio friendly pop hit single. The track’s called Poor Fake and there’s a spoken word bit where she says

As I stare into its frame, slowly approaching
At first glance, this is the finest painting I’ve ever laid eyes on
As they all say, it truly is one of a kind
I lift my magnifying glass to its smooth lines
Taking a closer look, inspection is key
What do we have here? Could this be a forgery?

and the chorus

Is this real or just a poor fake?
Is this real or just a poor fake?

I absolutely love this woman


One time at Field Day I arrived to see a Kelsey Lu. I didn’t know her very well but knew she collaborated with cool people (OPN?)

Another girl turned up and we waited for KL. Unfortunately it turned out she was cancelled and the girl relayed her disappointment to me. I then walked away.

Memoirs due in 2022.


Yep, this is a damn fine record.


Really like Poor Fake, cringeworthy spoken interlude aside. Absolute disco banger.

Agree that the album is one of the best of the year so far, though I’m not as sold on the 10cc cover and it maybe comes a little unstuck over the last 3-4 tracks. Side 1 is :fire::fire::fire: though

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