Why did no one tell me about Kelsey Lu?

Cheers for this!! Ticket booked :smiley:

She’s doing a free gig with Dr Martins (how they 90s) next week too, you regiester but its first come first served on the night.


Edit: the confirmation e-mail also says there’s free drinks, should that swing it for you.

Will be seeing her at Kings Place tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that. I may skip the chance of seeing her a second time as the heat this week might kill me, even if it is free, but will see how tomorrow’s gig goes!

Going tonight, too. Not seen any word on support so assume she’s on bang on 8:30?

Yeah, I was surprised to see the start time at 8:30, so I assume no support and starts at 8:30 also.

This thread title needs to be the title of her next album.

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Ah the promoter has updated:


Ooh, thanks! I’ll see if I can have a listen to Trustfall beforehand.

Anyone going to the Hackney gig next week?

Yep - can’t wait - hope she plays dreams… :blush:

Times like this I sometimes (sometimes) wish I lived down south.

Times like this I wish more artists would play up north!

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A better solution.

Shittin’ hell that was something last night - very theatrical but mesmerising


It was available on the Vinyl (though not widely) and it’s not available on CD. Which is madness frankly.