Why did the classic

swingball setup of a durable, metal pole get replaced with some stupid plastic bullshit with a terrible base?
When did that officially happen?
Like, maybe health and safety reasons, but how many kids were managing to impale themselves on the top of the 6ft swingball pole?

I bet some of you didnt even know this was the way of the world now. Well, it fucking is!


I think you have the same shit one which we do which is like a Swingball Lite or something.

I have this piece of shit

Has made my son hate swingball, imagine that!

Yeah, that’s the piece of shit we have too but you can get the proper stuff

That ball is too big

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Anything you like he can’t hear you


get this, it is also foam! and not sure can be replaced! Please, let that sink in!

To get to the other side?

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they are few and far between. A rarity against the new market leader. All sold out.
Was going to really work on my swingball game in isolation!

You’re supposed to fill it with sand/water/lead

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What, the ball?! Fuck sake Tone, they’re only kids.





Not everyone has a fancy pants lawn to dig it into.

I know that you cheeky prick! I put one of the weights from my dumbbells in there.
5 year old fitness shamed me by saying “what are those?”
“they are weights that I use all the time when you are alseep and then put back in the garage and cover with dust!”

You’ve self owned to an enormous extent here by also revealing that the pathetic lifts your doing can’t even hold down a swingball set…

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I put one of the many weights from just one side of my dumbbells! I am very strong!!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever picked up?

my newborn children!

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