Why didn’t I think of this before? (Domestic chores edition)

Had a minor eureka moment earlier. You know how with toasters you end up with crumbs everywhere; under the toaster, behind the toaster, behind the things next to the toaster, and they’re a nuisance to clear up without getting them on the floor, etc? Anyway, I suddenly thought when doing the hoovering earlier, what if I use the nozzle to hoover around the toaster to suck up all the crumbs? Tell you what, it worked an absolute treat.

Have you had any “Why didn’t I think of this before?” moments recently?


So you put the thing you put on the floor on the thing you put food into?

The feedback I received when I did this

No, just around it.

A fine idea. I already do this for the crumbs on my dining table, so why not the toaster area too?

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It’s not a domestic chore, but a recent ‘eureka’ moment is for making poached eggs: I crack an egg into a ladle, lower it into the poaching water then gently tip the egg out. Perfect poached egg, every time.


I hoovered the oven once. It was full of dried, burnt potato shards because I thought it was a myth that you need to prick potatoes when baking them and one exploded.


That sounds excellent. Might have to give that a go myself.

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“It’s a boon!” Mrs B, Essex


I want to bin our toaster as the tv literally never empties the little crumb drawer and there’s always toast crumbs around the toaster.

I vacuum the bottom of the ovens to get rid of any crumbs there.

This is a good tip

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I do this too

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my toaster rests on a tray.

How are people getting crumbs around the toaster?

I’ve considered that option before, but leaving aside the fact it would ruin the aesthetics of my kitchen, I’d worry that when you pick up the toaster to remove the tray to dispose of the crumbs, more crumbs will fall out, then you’re back to square one.

they fall onto the tray. a few crumbs might happen in the intermediate trayless period, but it’s small crumb compared with not having a tray at all.

Hmm. I’m not entirely convinced, but I might give it a go if I find a suitable tray.

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