Why do all female singers sing like this now

Stupid pronunciation of certain words, ‘thur-urst’ instead of ‘thirst’, 1:11 here:

Everyone does it. Who started it?

Think Katy Perry started it

I don’t know, but I’ve noticed it too and I really, really don’t like it.

They dont


Not seen any X Factor but I bet there’s singers on it this series that do it all the time

Love it cos it will have started as something unique and original to the singer that started it. And now loads of people do it thinking it makes them original as well when it has the opposite effect. Cunts.

Just people not as good as Sia jumping on the Sia getting popular thing innit. And it isn’t all female singers, obviously

It is it’s every single one in the world


Stupid bloody women, pronouncing words all correctly…in song form.

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Sexism isn’t really amusing.

Yeah dunno why I said female suppose cos I don’t listen to much new music that has men singing so haven’t noticed it

Tried to delete it from the thread title but it didn’t allow me to

Shit thread, shit ground, you’ve got no fans, fuck off



I can’t interpret what this is trying to say, sorry.

Back at ya.

I was implying that even though Barleysugar was clearly joking, satire alone isn’t a defence from being sexist. Hyperbolic language is all well and good but not if you’re essentially “punching down”.

I mean people can get away with this sort of sexist troping as satire but this isn’t a good example.

i’m just sick of people with ‘nice voices’. Why would you want to listen to someone with a ‘nice voice’? They’re boring pricks.

The lyrics to that song are well bad also

Not sure there’s been a genuinely great song released since Craig David’s What’s Your Flava.

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Fair enough. I just hadn’t logged @barleysugar 's post(s) as being on that level. But fair enough.

tell you who i have a problem with:
bloke from bastille

*this post was brought to you from 2013 *


The Millennial Whoop

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