why do countries have different names in different languages?

plus think how much it would wind up the far right if we used other languages’ words for their country

this is a good point but I still feel on the whole it would be more respectful to defer to people from that area or region to come up with a consensus on what to call them and their home

Do you think it’s disrespectful for England to be called Angleterre in French?

kind of? As a colonial power I don’t think England is likely to have their heritage erased but all things being equal it’s a little bit rude

I feel that Türkiye drew the short straw with English namings.

which country is the most different to their own name?

Japan is Nihon right? that’s pretty different

This is a major irk of mine Bam!


think it would nurture a more collaborative spirit and perspective on the world and world history too if we didn’t dictate to other peoples what they should be called

I’ve seen ukranaian nationalists getting annoyed in comment sections when people call it kiev instead of kyiv

Nijmegen is Nymegen in English, yet no-one uses Nymegen, not even the British. I find that one particularly strange.

But some places still get called by their proper name, rather than an anglicised variant - Costa Rica, for eg

It just doesn’t make any sense. Also when we still insist on really minor changes like writing Majorca instead of Mallorca. That’s a bit of an insult to our intelligence - like we can’t just learn to pronounce it correctly.

oh yeah and like München isn’t that hard to say is it?

How do you pronounce Paris?

  • Paree (like a French person would)
  • Paris (like a British person would)
  • Depends

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We are The Brits, remember…


the honest answer is it’s Paris if it’s matter of fact and Paree if I’m being pretentious and talking in a nebulous and arty way

Does the name thing not apply to pronounciations too?

I mean, yeah, we probably won’t pronounce it correctly but there’s no need to announce to all of Spain that we need our own special spelling because we’re dumb.

but like if we made an effort to use other cultures’ terms then pronouncing things correctly wouldn’t seem like a middle class affectation anymore so it would be win win

Do you call it Myanmar or Burma?