Why do people on Amazon answer questions

on products that they have bought with things like

“Don’t know”
“Sorry, not sure”
“No idea”

Why are they taking time out to answer questions they don’t know the answer to when there will presumably be other people around to answer?


People why?


No idea.


Old people who get email prompts to do things and think that they have to.

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Don’t know


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just to fill an awkward silence probably

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yeah, maybe it is because they phrase the email like “can YOU help bumsnogger445 with their question about the WORX WX423 Circular saw?”

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One of my favourite bits of Amazon :+1:

Also enjoy one star reviews that are enthusing about the product and have obviously just messed up their start rating :+1::+1:

DISCLAIMER: don’t actually buy anything from the evil empire ok kids…

The emails are sent to you and youre just asked a question. Pretty sure some people just respond as if it were a mate asking

Nah the best thing is when people leave a one star review of an actual product because it was delivered late by an independent seller

Yahoo Answers was the worst for this. Probably one of the dumbest corners of the internet

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Occasionally fall down a hole of looking at Amazon reviewers. They are some of the strangest people. Have often seen 1 star reviews of an item of clothing which say ‘Did not fit, returned the item’. How is that 1 star??


Sorry, not sure

People who post on gig event pages saying “Sorry John, can’t make it, it’s Mary’s birthday that night.”

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Also the odd classic like this;

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