why do people say Pepsi is rubbish?

Just the same as coca cola only a tiny bit more flavour in the upper mouth

Different mouthfeel, isn’t it.

Pepsi Max > Coke Zero >>>>>>>> Diet Coke


because they are idiots. I prefer Pepsi.


I’m drinking diet pepsi which I think is a whisker nicer than diet coke

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But I also quite like Shirley as well.

honestly can’t tell the difference between this and pepsi max though other than the manly MAX on the bottle

they had pepsi max cherry on offer too but I’m not fucking about with cherry you think it’s fun for a mouthful but then the drink is ruined

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Have you tried the raspberry one yet? Pro tip: don’t

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No, Pepsi Max Cherry is the undisputed king of the sugar free caffeinated carbonated cola-coloured beverage market.

Best of the colas.

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it’s got cherry in though, just too much flavour going on

Worst cola - coca cola with vanilla.


Pepsi is absolutely disgusting.

Coca Cola is the number one drink of all time and I love the coca cola company and would die for them and wait a minute its happening again


what even is cola supposed to taste of, like a beetroot covered in sugar or something?

very strange flavour when you stop and think about it


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I don’t know what that is


where we get (some of) our sugar from


if cola wasn’t black/dark brown it would be one of the worst soft drinks.

Now THAT really makes you think

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