why do people say Pepsi is rubbish?

A trip to China sounds nice if you tread lightly

Don’t trust people that, in the wake of all we know about how much sugar is in them, still drink normal coke and normal Pepsi.
I mean, I’ve eaten 2 chocolate bars today but still, madness!

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could they make black/dark brown sprite?

I had a regular coke the other day when I was hungover and tired and it was fucking nectar from the gods. I agree normally though that it’s way too much and disgusting but every now and then there’s a perfect moment for a full fat coke


because the low/non sugar ones are hell on earth?


They were able to make clear cola mate.
They can do anything they want.

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why would you make clear cola, nobody would want that

Yeah, it’s food colouring.

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Pepsi tastes more like chemicals, and that’s great sometimes.


I think the colour is kind of why I associate coke as this separate category of flavour and all the others like lemonade, orangeade, apple shit as part of one kind of collective

Panda pops cola was good
(Although the blue one was the best)

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they always made my throat feel claggy when I had finished, much rather have a choc ice

Pepsi Max is veggie. Diet Pepsi isn’t.

that is a shame I didn’t know that, kind of assumed all drinks were vegetarian why would you put meat in a drink :frowning:

feel a bit bad now as I’m 90% vegetarian

Coca Cola > Pepsi Max > Pepsi > Coke Zero/Diet (same thing)

Tell a lie…I just checked; it’s veggie, but not vegan.

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gone off irn bru now too, much too sweet and fruity

How else do you expect them to get that steaky tang?

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Just swinging by to say Pepsi Maxi is the best of the cola drinks. Call it PM sometimes

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