why do people say Pepsi is rubbish?

Not sure it’s ever been in the same country as a piece of fruit.

I wonder if scottish people actually eat loads more fruit than english people because of the perception of scottish people just eating deep fried mars bars etc

as usual it’s probably just a class thing middle class people looking down on the eating habits, price, availability and education of hard working people

would kill for an irn bru chew bar though, those things were the greatest sweets ever made.

never had an own brand or value cola, be interested to try though

Still swear by Tesco’s ‘Orange Drink’

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is that orange as in tango or orange as in irn bru?

Got an eight pack of coke zero the other day. Trying to convince myself I like it.

Who remembers Virgin Cola tho


Always think yeah this is fine! at the beginning. Gradually the aspartame makes it presence known.


Pepsi max is beautiful fluid


Hottest day of the year from a glass bottle.

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I pick Pepsi over coke because it’s a slightly smaller company so I assume it’s slightly less evil.

Drink the local soda company stuff if I can find it even though their Mexican cola isn’t as good as the rumours lead you to believe (coca cola Mexican coke is no different to normal coke too)

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It is Rubbish

Why would you deny yourself a refreshing Coke Zero on a warms summer day, accept no substitutes.

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when did they stop doing diet coke?! can’t find a can of the good stuff anywhere these days.

Not the same thing u silly. Coke Zero is based off of Coca Cola Classic tm
Where as Diet Coke is based off of Tab tm

They put Diet Coke into fashionable cans

Can you tell you paymasters to stop doing silly flavours like zeasty peach and to do lime coke zero pls.

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I will see what I can do but I fear that if I don’t find a new major event to participate in I may lose my influence. But don’t worry, I’ll be recommending delicious Coke products for a while yet!

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I think the mods need to make a Pepsi Max Aficiando badge for those of us who can recognise it as the superior cola.