why do people say Pepsi is rubbish?

All tastes more or less the same

Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola is reet nice

Take it to the things that don’t exist thread

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why did it taste like paper

To those who lack a sophisticated palette perhaps :wink:

Do you take your top hat off when you drink it?

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It is reet nice but also hideously overpriced and the glass bottle makes it a risky office bev

I want you to know I’m judging you, while eating my almond magnum

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I got well into that coffee that came in like a quart bottle for this reason. I’m all about the office bants.

dunno why they bother doing other varieties of magnum tbh.

it’s not so bad

knew somebody who used to buy that and they were a bit of an edgelord so it’s put me off.

probably a nice drink though

Vanilla Coke Zero. That’s the key.



Same ingredients, just a slight difference in the ratio of two ingredients.

fanta is a miserable drink

makes sense

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Don’t think I’ve had a Diet Coke this century

Don’t buy any Coca Cola products any more cause they fund anti-abortion campaigns and that so it’s Pepsi and Irn Bru all the way in our house. It’s not as good pals.